Log-ins are making me hate Eve

Anyone else tired of having to RE ENTER every MF account on the launcher every MF day? 15 accts CCP. If I have to do all 15 again, I’m done.

Maybe that’s the plan to make PLEX cheaper :smirk:


Pinning doesnt always work. and now with the new launcher i have to forget my account and reenter it because its not authorizing the logins

Yes. It’s getting effing annoying.

New launcher they say.
It will be better they say.


One tip, enter all your accounts, then copy EVE folder in %Appdata%\CCP (you might need to exit the launcher first for it to save all your settings) to another folder (like EVE_Old) and if the launcher forgets some or all accounts, delete current folder and replace it. Works for me.

Also, finally a positive word for the launcher - it no longer crashes with 200+ accounts which makes me happy, now I can add them all at once :slight_smile:

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What I had to do with some of the pinning icons was mess around with clicking until they went blue, others worked easily. Then I had to re-enter the account info. Annoying, but after has worked fine and launcher has remembered my accounts.

Don’t use so many accounts. Problem solved.

It’s not what CCP would like. They need to sell those plexes for RL money…

yeah mine are blue and all my accounts will be there, but than ill get something like unable to verify account and it’ll want me to reenter eveything. lucky for me i dont believe in having alts for everything unless its something to play around with.

just had the launcher remove my accounts from it stating “your account has been removed, unable to refresh log in token”

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