I cant launch my games due to no longer having authenticator on my new phone. I cant log in and change anything on the website or turn off my authenticator settings because I don’t have an authenticator code. Ive submitted support ticket, nothing heard all day. Anyone else had this issue.

HELP me CCP your my only hope: :hushed:

Ime not sure why I pay you for 14 accounts your customer service is horrible, 24 Hours and nothing on my support ticket.

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While it won’t help you with your current situation (that’s support ticket territory only I’m afraid), in future what I recommend is:

Use Authy for your token storage, configured with backup. That way, as long as you have the same phone number, you can retrieve your tokens. (you can also get them on your computer, or other device)

Also, keep a copy of each of the tokens in your password store. They’re the long string under the QR code. This can be entered into any compatible TOTP application to generate tokens. (the QR code is just this token in a graphical form)

I know the issue is all my fault, but ya figure on the second day of the ticket you might have heard something back.

But if they arent looking at the support tickets - how do we get this resolved? II have this same issue since I changed phones… And I have no idea what happened to any back up codes either :confused:

You put in the support ticket on

yes I did
I had the automated response, but nothing else as yet - am not currently TOO worried - unless the OP here has not had his issue sorted yet

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