New phone, no authenticator, can't log into account online

I got a new phone, downloaded the authenticator, and tried to log into my account on chrome on my pc, and decided that I had never been here before in my 10 years of logging on. So, long story short. I can’t use the authenticator because I can’t log in, and I can’t log in because I don’t have the authenticator set up.

What do, CCP?

I can log into the game just fine, so this isn’t too big a deal, but I still need it worked out.

You need to login to your google account, navigate to the authenticator app and choose the change phone option. Process is documented here:

okay i did that but I still don’t have my eve account on here. so i’m still at square one.

I moved Authenticator to a new phone about 6 months ago. Don’t recall the exact process but it was fairly painless. I still had my old phone so logging in to Eve account management wasn’t an issue. If you don’t have the old phone you’ll probably need a ticket .

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