Google authenticator problem!

Hello there, hope i’m posting in a right section.
I’ve got my main account linked with Google authenticator and after i’ve switched phone i can’t log in. The problem is - this app generates unique code for every site and there is now way to receive new QR to generate a code to access account without logging in to this very account. And i can’t log in cause i don’t have a Eve online account connected with this new Google Auth. What should i do? I don’t want to submit a ticket and wait for weeks. Is there a way to access my account without this app? I do posses the mail it was registered to and all the other info, including billing info.

Here’s a guild for how to transfer your Google Authenticator to your new phone:

Nope, it’s working only for Google account and not viable for 3rd party sites. Tried it twice.

Nope. If you don’t have access to the previous phone still, then you can’t do anything but submit a support ticket.

Once you have your access restored, you might want to make a back-up copy of the QR code they give you when you set it up again so this doesn’t happen again. The most secure is to print it out and place it in a safe drawer. Alternatively, you can use another authenticator app like Authy that manages these backups for you.

Thx for the reply, deep inside i’ve realized that, but was just making sure there is no alternative.

Just a little update - got my hands on the old phone and managed to get Google authenticator app and guess what? It keep saying that numbers are wrong. Haven’t change a thing it all of that, but 2 step verification just failed. And my tickets haven’t been answered for almost a week. What is going on CCP? Where is client support when you need it?

I’ve used authenticator on an old phone without network connection - check that the time (clock) on the phone is accurate. Not just “yeah, it says about five past” but accurate to within a few seconds. A phone often uses the mobile network as it’s time source to self-adjust, and if it’s an old phone and the battery has run flat and it’s not talking to the mobile network (no SIM) then the internal clock may have got itself a little screwed up.

The codes are generated by a combination of the original seeding key and the current time based on a thirty second window. Time mis-matches will give a number mis-match.

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You are a genius man and you cannot imagine how precisely you’ve read my situation. Indeed, phone was without sim and that was a problem.
Appreciate it a lot.

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