Authenticator Recovery

So I recently had an experience in which I had all my accounts protected with 2FA. Unfortunately, I had to replace my phone. And as most know, you can’t backup and transfer 2FA codes from one phone device to another. So when I went to manage my Eve account, I could not login due to not having a 2FA code. I tried to see if there was some way to reset the 2FA, but there is no way to do that manually. I ended up reaching out to support, and the GM was able to turn off 2FA on my accounts. I’m sure that GMs would rather not have to deal with requests like the one I made, so I have the following suggestion :

Allow someone with 2FA enabled to be able to login to the account management screen with a one-time text message or voice call and code with the login password so they can disable and reactivate 2FA if they lose their phone. Considering how often people lose or replace their phone, I can’t see this being a rare problem.

You can if you kept the phone…

My Samsung S7 died (about 5 days after its warranty) so that isn’t always an option. It was over 300 USD to fix so I got a new phone.

You should manually copy the key though (note: it’s a pain to type back in).

Finally, kudos to customer support, I was up and running in about half an hour.

This app is miles better than the ‘standard’ authenticator:

Mostly because of keys backup feature. Could have saved you from the pain (on mant 2FA-enables sites support is way worse than in EVE)

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Still can do data extraction. You just need someone who knows how to do it.

And maybe a little information that will help you avoid this in the future…

Interesting, you live in an area where they recover data from dead phone drives for free. Here nothing is free. Lucky you, for the rest of us I recommend saving the authenticator keys.

Or bothering the Eve customer support guys for 25 minutes.

Authy is probably going to be the way I go in the future. But it would still be nice to have options from CCP. I have authenticators for multiple things for work on the phone. In every other instance, I was able to reconfigure the authenticator on the new phone using one-time text codes or even a voice call with a code.

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