Google Authenticator and iOS 14.2

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make a friendly post for some people who are using 2FA and might be experiencing issues with Google Authenticator and iOS 14.2.

As some of you have experienced, the most recent iOS 14.2 update for the iPhones completely crashed the Google Authenticator app to the point where the app won’t launch. If you look at the reviews for the app, there are hundreds of complaints from users about the app being broken and non-functional and being locked out of their apps that use 2FA.

Note: This doesn’t affect the iPadOS app, but I highly suggest to migrate to a new Authenticator app, as Google hasn’t updated the Google Authenticator since the iPhone X launched in 2017.

I experienced the same issue, and almost got locked out of my EVE accounts, but some smart folks in the reviews posted a rather easy and quick solution.

To get the Google Authenticator App to work on iOS 14.2, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage.
  2. Find Google Authenticator Application
  3. Tap “Offload Application” (DO NOT DELETE THE APP!)
  4. Application shoulda reinstall itself.
  5. App should work and no longer crash.

I highly suggest downloading other 2FA apps, such as Microsoft Authenticator or other authenticator apps of your choice, as the Google Application is becoming ancient and no longer supported by Google itself, with no clear sight of when it will be supported again.

As I mentioned to one of the GMs, I believe CCP should also make some sort of announcement and make the community aware of such issues, before more people become locked out of their accounts.

Thanks and fly safe all!

I’d strongly suggest to take a look at Authy:

Its main advantage is that it allows to make a backup of the auth keys. So even in the worst case one won’t be locked out of his/her accounts.

Yup! I used Microsoft Authenticator. It’s free and also has cloud backup as well. There are many options, but CCP should definitely make some sort of announcement too.

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