2k In Jita, ALMOST 400 in Amarr............. CCP - BEST PATCH EVER

What did CCP do to bring back the weak of mind and heart?

It is my right to spread negativity across the forums. Given to me by CCP and to a lesser extent, God.

I can’t be bargained with, I can’t be reasoned with, I don’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and I absolutely will not stop my negativity EVER, until you are dead! (in the game)

By the way, people do read these negative comments, because you have to read the comment to realise it’s negative, silly boy.

Thanks for the kind words! We hope that Uprising puts into context a lot of what we chatted about at Fanfest. The developers have been hard at work the last few months, and we look forward to getting back to it for the next expansion.

In the meantime, we’ll be eagerly watching and listening as you interact with content new and old, and can’t wait for the amazing stories you’ll tell.


Its only because people had it cheaper to get into omega recently with promotions and free 7 days omega for everyone who logs in and redeems it from store in game.

Cheap price - more volume sold
High price - less volume sold

The expansion content while ok, will not keep those multiboxers if the omega is too expensive for them.



It TRUELY is great to see Amarr on the front line…

@all relies to my post - thanks guys/gals :slight_smile:

So… As an update… I have to confess I built my first ship in almost 12 months tonight…
Yupp… I confess, CCP turned me back to industry…
One single covetor…

I’m still as LOST a F*ck with the LP store and there are some MAJOR issues with the new GUI vs Old One and there’s still a LONG way to go with the hubs and there are still a LOT of unknowns but to make me build a ship…

Credit CCP… For once - take some credit from me.

In a way, I feel you haveIT right there Nana…

My ingame email inbox got kinda busy with mails from “Old Members”…

On the other hand - I also received a mail from CCP offering me a £66 deal for 3m SP’s… LOL

I mean - DaFuq are 3m SP’s going to do for someone who played the game for a decade when structures mean so little in the “Grand Scheme of things”… Let’s NOT forget CCP had to add “Cores” here that can’t be built by players…

For me… And It IS TOTALLY ME… Its really great to see Amarr alive again, so that players who come to the game not knowing all this forum shite do “Actually” get something from the character they created…

Again, For me… I hope CCP give some love to wormholes because it’s damn well needed.

In ALL HONESTY - the 7 days free time CCP have give has shown how popular EvE Online is - MANY logged in, but I doubt that we will see the TRUE effect of that.

And finally, FWIW - @Steve_Ronuken One of the Hardest working CSM for this game…
WHY do we have to rely on Steve to supply this data ? Why is it that after what, almost 20 years now we still have to rely on OUT OF GAME Sites to supply “Data”…

@Nana_Skalski for me - I got some nice mail from some really good EvE friends… I choose to pay my sub or not so the mail I got was a bonus and I can only thank CCP (This time) for that.

Just to note:

All I do is repackage the data that CCP provides.

(And I’m not on the CSM any more. CSM 14 was my last.)

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Packages or not Steve, It’s a real shame that CCP don’t make it easier “In Game” for some of the stuff that the site you maintain makes it as easy to.

Let me see here…

Hmmm, just thinking outloud… the “Last” link I got for end of year thing from CCP didn’t work…
I seem to remember having to go Via your website to seeIT ???

On that point, and I am sorry to digress… Is there anyway to access previous end of year Vids ? Would you know ?

And the thread dies, as with the free 7 days…

I’m still NOT seeing a whole heap of praise for these AHEM (New changes)

I’d Truely like to see & hear how faction warfare has changed the game since I confess, I have never been into that side of things and since Wormholes have not had ANY LOVE AT ALL for years, maybe it’s time to read a different newspaper…

Have I ever said how little I care for numbers?

What matters is how the game feels… how we interact with it.
This bump, it’s just proof that the base is out there, waiting for it. That the management fails to get to it under the current business model. Fake.

Luring them with freebies is not gonna cut it, sorry. They feel it as expensive with or without crumbles from the table. Stinks.

Lying about how the game feels with the “changes” is feeding ‘mediocris statvs’. So, please, call it as it is and it will improve.

Just sayn.

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As an old player returning faction war feels alive and hopping, as a minmatar player the trade hubs of rens hek and dodixie feel like sideroad tents compared to the hubs they used to be.

You can feel the effect of the changes and lower game population and I hope more traders and industrialists pop up to breathe more life into the shanty towns of my homeland.

Hope the activity stays and this shows a turn in the right direction.

New wormhole/null content would be best for the next step.

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I purchased gas from the Dodixie region, carted it to compress it using my beautiful Orca inside my Safe Space home system then contracted Red Frog to deliver it to Jita. Afterwards selling the compressed gas at a profit inisde of 30 days.

you are an old player from yesteryears so advise is don’t become lazy, refind your roots and have fun in New Eden o/.

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