2k In Jita, ALMOST 400 in Amarr............. CCP - BEST PATCH EVER

As the Title Say’s

Sadly NOT… Sustainable…

Though, I did receive a few mails from past corp mates that reminded me that playing EvE was worthIT.

I will say this tho…

It’s GREAT to see some changes that CCP have implemented in the current patch… It would be pretty awesome to see those backed up in the comments from their CSM and larger Alliance groups but I’ll guess it’s early days for that.

Amarr Local was close to 400 when I logged in and DAMN it was good to be back there…

Great to see some of the older players back in local and … Chatting OPENLY about stuffz…

Cheers Guys/Galz


oh my god the game might come back

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Back to 14k online at prime time in 2 days, don’t worry.


Hard to tell how much of that boost is reaction to the patch, and how much is from 7 days free Omega.

Still, good to see a bump in activity.


I have an idea of how this could help the game more often


For me, it was kinda nice…

I got a couple of mails from people that “Used” to play on a daily basis…

I haven’t heard from them for a long time and it was good to catch up…

Kinda sad that it’s taken this long for CCP to come up with something but I just hope that they build on whatever information they get from this to improve the game. EvE Online - Has so MANY DEDICATED players, SO MUCH Diversity…

Good to seeIT back, even for just patch day…

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Good stuff.

The more people, the more destruction.
The more destruction, the more people buying ships.
The more people buying ships, the more I get to sell.
The more I get to sell, the more minerals I buy to build more ships.
The more minerals I buy for building, the better prices miners will get for their stuff.
The better prices miners get, the more fleets will be in the belts.
The more fleets in the belts, the more people shooting them.

The circle of life.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

You’ve become such an optimist! Did the meds finally kick in?


Try playing the game instead of the forum. You might find some enjoyment as well.

Or continue to wallow in your bitterness. Up to you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Can you teach me how?

I thought @tutucox_Khamsi was teaching you how to fight players that shoot back. Or so you said he was doing way back the last time people were dragging you for never logging in.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Well I’m not asking him, I’m asking you. Take me out for some fun in-game activities and show me how to be active in the game so that I don’t have to feel compelled to sit on the forums all day.

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This is what all MMO’s need

I think you are barking at the wrong tree; he talks about blowing stuff up and not playing the forum keyboard warrior, yet he’s always on the forums spreading his toxic filth, and his character doesn’t even have a Killboard lol.

He’s like a chihuahua pretending to be a Doberman, annoying bark and no bite. With these people there is always an issue with projection, they project their own misgivings and actions (or lack thereof) onto the people they are trying to criticize.

Oh and don’t you dare contradict them and/or show how foolish their arguments are, for they will haunt every post you ever make on the forums just to troll it away… or at least they will try to rofl

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Lets not get too excited.

We will see the true picture once all the free 7 day omegas run out.
I think it will be back to business as usual at that point, just scraping past the 20K daily player peak


I remember old times, 48k every day.

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I wish I lived in those times. :frowning:

it was before alphas, and everyone had to pay subs regardless.

Damn, some of you guys are sad. I see a bunch of excited people in game having fun. And a dozen perpetually butthurt spamming negativity on forums no one reads. It is a good patch, good changes. If even that isn’t enough to make you happy then go the ■■■■ away.