2v2v2 event problems?

is anyone having trouble getting into the proving grounds events been in que for like 35 mins and uhhh i kinda want to do fight and win for prizes

I think the problem is that you need a critical mass of entries to keep the queue short enough that people will bother to wait. Once the time goes up it discourages people from waiting, this then causes everyone else queuing to have to wait longer.

The first day and Saturday saw some action, but Sunday it only ran for about 2 hours. You can check on zkillboard.

I think the 2v2v2 format is what was putting people off entering. 2v2 would definitely have been more popular.

I actually quite enjoyed it, but the optimal tactic in a 2v2v2 is clearly to wait as long as possible and avoiding being damaged until the other 2 teams have clashed. A 4 way ffa is better as you can attack the other team that is sitting back in this eventually, but that would have required more people to be involved.

Yes there is a big problem.
Seems to be a bug where the is a wow esque pvp arena in my sandbox game.

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