3,000 PLEX + 3 NEW SKINS

The offer mentions:

Get 3,000 PLEX to trade for ISK, apparel, services, and more at 10% off plus exclusive Gilded Predator SKINs for the Drake, Gila, and Eagle!

Do we know what the apparel and services actually mean for this offer?


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


If you go in the NES, you will see three tabs on the main screen: SHIP SKINS | APPAREL | SERVICES
I have a strong hunch that you will find your answers there.


Usually lists what you get also.

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Ok, I understood this wrong. I thought you’d also get additional free apparel and services with the offer because 3k plex for the current price is just simply too much! Like double of 6m game time? o0

No. You get 3k PLEX to do whatever you want with, including getting isk, apparel, services… you can even give it away to a kind sexy redhead :wink:

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Savvy Capsuleer’s know and not so savvy capsuleer’s don’t!

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Drake, Gila, Eagle…

3 completely different styles of gameplay.

Players stick to what they know and enjoy.

Rando FOMO skins and boosters and PLEX pack skins don’t do anything to shift player habits.

CCP needs to rethink this stuff… At the very least let players choose a ship type or faction that we want to see this stuff revolve around.

To much logic for Icelanders??


That’s not the Icelanders, that would be the Korean directives…

—Gadget suspects

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