3.5B ISK 1 Month Collateralized Loan @ 3%

I’m looking for a 3.5B ISK 1 Month Collateralized Loan @ 3%.

Collateral is 5 Concord Capital Shield Booster and 4 Concord Capital 25000mm Steel Plate BPC’s. Every BPC is 5 run. I valued each BPC cheaply at 420m ISK meaning collateral is 9*420m = 3.780B or 108% of the loan value.

After 1 month, ISK returned to lender will be the Principle 3.5B + 105m ISK.

In terms of holding collateral, if I recognize your name I’m willing to let you hold it. Otherwise, any known 3rd party that we agree on is fine.

I’m accepting both the loan and the collateral directly.

Confirmed. He is.

Just an update, the loan was added onto by another 11B ISK loan collateralized by Concord Capital Modules. Total ISK lended is now 14.5B.

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