3 Characters setup for High-Sec

Hello there, I need some help to find out the good direction to specialize my 3 toons towards an somehow efficient setup for HS Elite PvP/piracy/Carebear Hunting/preying on the weak (call it whatever you want), and that could also be usefull to go hunting in WH.

At the moment, my 3 chars are as follow :

  • Main combat toon specialized in small Gallente/Minmatar ships (T3D, AF, Inty, Cov op and soon EAS). I use this toon to hunt MTUs and mission runners at the moment.

  • Second combat toon specialized in medium Gallente/Amarr ships (HAC and T3C), but can also fly AF and T3Ds. Training to be able to fly all 4 races Cruisers and T2 weapons systems (remap Per/Wil). Core skills are ok, but can be improved.

  • Last toon was an industrial toon (from when I was carebearing, shame on me) that I’m training towards a support role. Can only fly gallente ships up to cruisers. Cov Ops and Intys are the only T2 ships he can fly. He is currently my scanning/scouting toon. Training to get acces to Logistic Frigates and Command Destroyers.

So, my question now is about the roles each of them should be able to perform. My 1st char is the one that will be used in HS to engage mission runners in their BC/BS, and I’m obviously improving his combat abilities. However, what could be usefull for the 2 others ?

Logistic can be a good support, and can also give me a second (and why not a 3rd) limited engagment to bring more combat ship if needed (or to keep alive the first ship). I also see how a command destroyer could help, without getting a suspect flag in HS.

At some point, I was also thinking to put my support character in an Orca to allow quick reshipping in space, but I found out that I cannot reship if suspect. Is it correct ?

I’ll spend most of my time in HS as I want to give it a try (Feyd, Pix, Faylee and many others were good sources of info and inspiration through their blogs and posts in the forums), but at some point I’ll probably make some trips to WH.

So, if I missed some possibilities or important options, please, let me know. All advice and help are very welcome.

Thanks for your time and futur help.

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3 accounts, or 3 toons on one account? Seems like the former?

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Sorry, forgot to give this information. 3 accounts, all Omega. I can easily play 2 accounts at the same time (2 screens), but it’s a bit more difficult to play all 3.

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Bump… Nobody has any idea ?

Having a logistics alt is good… but I personally am not a fan of logistics frigates. I’d prefer a T1 logi cruiser (Scythe or Exequoror) over a T2 logistics frigate in 90% of scenarios. Logistics cruisers (or T3C logistics) are very nice though. I also think having an orca pilot has a lot of utility for your scout. Occasionally people do leave an orca unattended to switch to another ship (or so I’ve heard… I’ve never actually SEEN it). Might as well have your scout steal the ship if someone is foolish enough to do that. The orca is also a nice transport for the other kind of logistics.

While I can think of helpful setups with multiple toons… the problem I have is the ability to play multiple accounts at the same time. I’m also completely inexperienced with HS pvp… I stick to low and null mostly. One useful thing I have found is with bashing pocos (and other off-line structures)… it’s nice having multiple toons in Oracles. If you’re planning on wardeccing corps and destroying their structures… it might be something you want to look at. And while structure bashing is boring, if you have 3 oracles with T1 guns… you can still manage around 2K dps and don’t have to worry about recalling drones or reloading ammo. If someone warps in you can just fleet warp out and reship to a PvP setup.

Most of the benefit I gain from multiple accounts (I have 4) comes from industrial and PvE activities. Once I finish training capitals (which will also give me black ops pretty much), the multiple toons presents opportunities for cynoing in combat ships with my scout… but that doesn’t apply to high sec.

Tl;dr it all but did you mention Remote Sebo as a task for one? That’s one of my favorite alt tasks. This guy I’m posting with is just a Scout/spotter which is very useful in not having a low sec rating.

Thanks both for your input.

Regarding logis, cruisers are planned, but it’s a mid-term training (2-3 month). T2 frigs are only few hours left. Plus, while fighting BS in High-sec, frigs can orbit at 500m and go under the guns, as is my combat frig. But I’m sure cruisers logis will be a lot more helpful in many other cases.

Oracles are a good idea, never thought about it, but can definately be usefull.

Remote sebos are also something I completely forgot. It can be very usefull to lock drones or small ships faster. I’ll look into it quickly.

Thanks again for your help. And of course, any other help/advice is very welcome.

While it’s also probably less useful for PvP… slaving/assisting drones is something you can look at too (maybe for a gate camp if you do that?)

I’ve used it for PvE… having 15 sentry drones all firing at once creates quite an alpha and you can control it all from one screen (though you’ll need some sort of gun on your “main” ship… the slaved drones will attack whatever that gun is firing at. Even a civilian gun is fine if you don’t have fitting space).

The issue is that while you can focus fire and fleet warp away if things go bad (and even have your other ships that are slaving drones to your main orbiting so you can be somewhat mobile)… if you run you lose the drones. Not sure it would be of use for much other than camping but something you could play with.

I see one potential problem with drones slaving. If only my main toon is having a limited engagement with a mission runner, using the drones of a second toon, even through assist, might trigger CONCORD response, right ?

If not, then there is a door wide opened to abuse this… I only need one toon to get aggro, and then I can warp in a dozen alt, putting drones on assist, and then shred a BS to pieces in no time with the firepower of 12 toons drones…

Sounds right. Again… I pretty much carebear in high sec, all my pvp is low and null. So suspect timers are something I didn’t consider.

Are they being baited into attacking you though? If so then they’d be suspect for all your toons, right? Or am I misunderstanding how that works?

I bait them with suspect timer, but if they shoot me, there is a limited engagment timer only for my suspect toon and the ship that shot me. So, my other toons cannot do anything except boosting/remote rep (and the later give them suspect timer as well).

Have you considered joining an established high-sec entity?

Yep, I’m working on that. I’m trying to find a French corp (would be much easier for me), but if I don’t find one quickly, I’ll check for an English speaking corp.

My alliance is selectively recruiting. Feel free to check my killboard to see the types of activities that I am involved in (exclusively high-sec) and contact me in-game if I can be of assistance.

for high sec, I’d train one character up for logi and spam Incursions. That’s your isk printing taken care of. Then you have two more accounts to play with, well funded.

But really, if you have that many characters with decent training, you are really set up to live in null sec, even get one of them into a capital.

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