Returning player looking for advice in setting up 3 Characters on an account

Hey people,

Not sure if this is the right place, but no where else on the forums seem to look right.

Im returning to the game after an absence of 8+ years with a new account, as I gave away my old characters via transfers.

Im looking for some advice on structuring 3 Characters on a single account. I can’t afford to sub($34pm per sub) more than one account, so I’m looking to make the most out of 3 characters.

I’ve done a fair bit of googling and searches around the forums here and reddit but just haven’t been able to find what Im looking for, so I hope by starting this thread might get me the information Im looking for.

I have 3 characters, this character is my main, and I have two others on the same account. To make the most out of the account, what would be the best purpose/position/direction for the other two characters to make the most out of the account?

Cheers in advance,

Dorian :slight_smile:

You should dedicate all 3 characters to ganking.

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That choice depends on what you want to do. What kind of gameplay are you looking for?

Secondary characters on your main account benefit from:

  • short specialisations (as you cannot normally train them, so you would need to stop your main training queue or buy MCT to train their skills)
  • skills that benefit you even when not logged in a majority of the time (PI, industry, market)
  • activities for which it helps that it is a separate character than your main, like for example different war status (no wardecs) for your HS hauler, different security standings so that one of your characters can gank without losing ability to travel to HS, different location so that you can relog to your faction warfare alt and instantly do FW without travelling there from where your main is occupied.

In my case my most used alt skills are that my alts all do PI and one of them can haul anything I need moved.

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That’s what I figured when I started this game. I like that I can have more than 1 character so I started thinking up a way to use all three. I figured I could set some career goals as Alphas at first while all three are in training.
This main character is PvP, finished Alpha training and will be Omega on weekends to train toward good PvP ship/modules.
Second character-alt is training strictly as a Scout/Explorer. Will not fly anything above Destroyers, won’t bother to PvE, mine or anything with it. It’s strictly a character I use to understand, test and explore the game. I will use filaments and go in Wormholes with it.
Third character-alt isn’t born yet but will strictly do missions for all empires using the Standing improvement system.
One account and so much to do.

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Where do you pay 34$/month? US-$? Different countries show different prices, though.
The official site (last update sunday) shows way less.
The Omega Store sometimes offers some bargains.

Anyway, you have to know that these 3 chars never can log in simultaneously. Also you need Multiple Character Training MCT if you want to skill more than one char at the same time.

So in my main Account, there’s a Wormhole Char, a Highsec Char and a PI Char. Only one of them is in skill training, the second receives the daily login skillponts - and the third just does some business using already trained skills. And they cannot do any recon or salvaging for each other.

$34 pm is local currency, To give you a clue, Im AUTZ

As for the characters Yes Im aware only one character can train at a time without an MCT. As previously mentioned Im a returning player

Just for Newbros reading that, remember you are in the “New Citizens Q&A” :wink:
For me these restrictions were not clear or I had to find out the hard way when I started training a new char.

$ is not $, OK. Well, it also could be $ or even $ …


If you dont mind pve, USIA is currently looking for a mission runner.

as said by others it totally depends on what you plan to do as activities (mining? one can be the boost, the other one the miner, pvp? one can be a scout, missions, one can be the puller etc)

Thank you for the advice.

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