Multi-account character composition

Looking for feedback on my plan to skill various characters. 8 characters total, 2 frig + cruiser EWAR; 2 cruiser (PvP focus), battlecruiser and battleship; 2 capital. One of each will focus on A/C/g and the other M/G/c races. One indy character and one transport character. I have one slot left open.

I’m trying to maximize my coverage of all the great ships in this game, but I’m wondering if this is the best way, or if I’m on a fool’s errand.

You can do all on 1 char xD (at about 50mil sp you can fly all sub caps well at 130mil you can pretty much do everything well especially if you put your manufacturing/PI skills on alts only)

Try stick to 1 active char per account and use the rest for indi (or a super/titan pilot that you only log in when you need it) seems to work well. Started this char a year ago and can almost fly all race’s sub cap’s well.

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1: Subcap (main), PI/Cyno, PI/Cyno
2: Carrier, PI/Cyno, PI/Cyno
3: FAX, PI/Cyno, PI/Cyno

Add to 1 or more PI/Cyno alts - Trade, Production, Research, Explorer, Cov-ops


Thanks for the advice, especially the SP estimates, that helps!

Last one is forum warrior!!!

I did this with the power of two years ago. Trained up two special alt accounts one trained subcap F and C and the other BC and BS. Worked out well and was rather fun for something slightly different to do in game training wise.

Honestly Id do another pure indy/transport combined character. PvP takes money and a good flow of it through manu/R&D doesnt hurt at all. Then you can also manu and transport where they might be if you want to move one of each pair to another region or area you can overlap your logistics capabilities.

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Thanks, I like that character composition. Why so much cyno though?

Lots of cyno alts in lots of places (jump clones) - means you have lots of options to get your capital ships around the place without relying on others… and/or can help others… may also consider training an alt in jump freighters (which needs lots of cyno cover along trade routes or you get ganked :slight_smile: )

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Capable PI/Cyno alt needs less than 4m SP

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Cool, thanks!

unfortunately cyno alts need to be omega :confused: would be cool if alpha’s worked but maybe too op.

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Depends on what you do but if you want caps and have access to pi Giv Loots example is good don’t forget to leave 1 guy in jita for buying things/checking prices you can even use that as a safety for your isk,if you have alot keep only few bil on you deposit the bulk on an alt

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