Worm Hole

Hi all,

I have a character that has maxxed out skills in most areas of the Tengu, (shields and other support skills) however atm i only have heavy missiles spec V.

I want to run wh combat sites and know i will probably come into contact with pvp and that hm are not really the job for that.

  1. im thinking i need a pvp setup to do wh npc stuff (i dont mind taking a hit on efficency at kill npc) am i right (if i dont want to run everytime i see a blip on the screen)?

  2. Can any one reccommend what weapons to train on my tengu (as i only have hm atm)?

  3. what am i missing? (sure there is lots)


Keep a mobile depot with you and refit for PvP once you know you’re being scanned down. Ships fit for PvE and PvP are very different, but you can have both


I should mention that im planning on doing C2 or C3 wh to cut my teeth, not sure if that affects the situation.

Join a WH corp, you won’t regret it

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