WH fleet build and capabilities

Hello everyone, so I managed to get a few friends into everything and one of the things I thought would be fun is putting together a 3 man fleet and exploring /running wh sites and I was wondering what a good load out for this would be?

One of my friends is probably going to want to run a naga because he loves the ship, and I’ll walk him through making it a long range sniper with rails. But as for the other 2 ships what would make a good little fleet?

Myself I was going to run either a stratios or a tengu and swap out the scanning and combat fit as needed. So with those assumptions of a naga and a stratios or tengu my questions would be

What 3rd ship would help round that out
What limitations would be set on us, like what could and could we not be capable of doing.
What are the odds of us getting target so long as we are keeping scans up and going.

I’d say, if you pick the Tengu that mean you’ll have a shield fleet. You can either take a tackling frigate like an Interceptor, a Keres or a Dramiel (which can give damage and be a good tackling frigate, albeit a bit expensive).

Another thing you can do, if you want to make your fleet more durable, is to invest one of your friend into a Scimitar. Not only will it be able to provide remote shield boosters support, the Scimitar is also bonuses for remote tracking computer, an extremely nice bonus when coupled to the Naga’s large guns which can have some troubles tracking smaller targets. That way, your friend in the Naga can fit less application module and try to help out the flimsy tank of Attack Battlecruisers.


I ran C3’s comfortably with 3 other friends who were on completely new characters.

We ran the sites with 4 drakes. They were fitted as the one below, with downgraded mods if there were fitting issues. This was some years ago, don’t remember if the drake has been rebalanced since.

It was clunky and slow. However, it was quite affordable and newbie friendly as well.

If possible, I’d definitely say that a Tengu seems like a great upgrade. As my friends’ ships got more module upgrades and skills, we were quite close to tackle C4 comfortably. We ran the easier C4 sites quite easily.

That being said, there are many setups to run wormhole sites. So don’t feel afraid to experiment.

The meta right now is rr leshaks. You can absolutely murder c5 sites with that set up. For low class sites, you can do rr VNIs and smoke sites quick.

Depends on what class wh you wish to farm tbh. Some class wh, like c2/3 can be run with two HACs, really easily! or tech three cruisers. And being they allow you change fit and subs and rigs, I think c3 and below is great for t3. I prefer the legion because lasers are nice, instant swap range or dmg. good projection, less cargo for m3, etc.

Ive used all t3 ships and still love the tengu, but tbh, legion is just easier imo.

C4 and above, thats a different story. Marauders and Leshaks, or caps…

I spend my days in a C3 hole with one char in a Tengu and the other in a combined salvager/hacker/looter/scanner cheapfit.

The Tengu works well enough, but I’m in the market for a ship that clears the combat sites faster. The combat fit I have on it does just north of 600 dps. I can fly most sub cap ships, and any tips on what to use would be much appreciated. I don’t mind it being overkill, I just want the clear time down…

Uzbeg - try a rattlesnake. Fit a MJD for emergencies.

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