Alpha WH exploration

Hello, i am a 2-weeks-old Gallente pilot. Recently I started doing WH exploration and for now it has given me good ISK, and more importantly, good experience and I learned many new things. However, I think i could greatly increase my efficiency if i could run higher class wormholes, but currently my Imicus would get blown to pieces by sleepers if i try something like that. So, basically, what ships and fittings should an Apha character use to be atleast somewhat effective in higher clas WHs? Please don’t refer to fittings in shortcuts since im still a noob and don’t know what half of them mean.

As a general rule of thumb you can use the following ships:
class 1 - cruiser
class 2 - battlecruiser
class 3 - battleship
class 4 - fairly blinged up pirate battleship (rattlesnake) or a marauder
class 5 and 6 - two multiboxed fairly blinged up battleships (rattlesnake or nestor) or capital ships

High class wormholes are tough content, not very suited for new players or alphas. Your best way to make ISK in high class WH would be by gas mining.

Drake, passive tanked will run c1 and c2; with good skills it might run c3 but that would be pushing it.

At 60mil its pretty cheap and the drake can also be used to run many many other sites in other areas of space.

Generally above c3 is rattlesnake territory; often ran in a pair.

There are other ships that can do it im sure but the amount of time it will take will probably mean you would be better off running c2 with a drake.
something like these though id prefer mwd always.

id also personally prefer heavy missile fits for the range. heavy assualt may get you 100dps more but when you cant fire for a whole minutes because your out of range it becomes a bit pointless.
HML will also allow you to move about the site more or less freely making it harde for anyone to drop right in ontop of you; of course if you were omega id recommend having ecm drones onboard.

Otherwise probably gila for alphas, but thats gonna cost.

You can solo a c4 in a raven, make maybe 100mil an hour but i wouldnt try it again not even with my perfect skills. Ideally you dont want to be in the sites longer than 20 minutes.

oh and carry a tractor beam!!

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