3 mining vessels lost so far due to minimizing game. Belt rats are stronger when you minimize game

I am 100% sure of what I am saying.

So I normally actively play as a miner in a 0.5 system and I can safely permatank the rats.

I can go to the kitchen, have lunch and stay 40 minutes there. No problemo I come back to game and the mining ship is there full of ore and shields at 50% or more.

Buuuuuuut… if I minimize game to watch some youtube video, 5 minutes later I maximize Eve Online and my mining ship is destroyed AGAIN, I am sick of this.

Maybe the shield recharge ratio is disabled when you minimize or whatever. But this makes no sense. I can permatank some rats when I am active but not when I minimize. Soooo clever.

I guess this is “working as intended” and a way of forcing us to play EVE Online as intended instead of minimizing it and watching a movie. But it is frustrating and I should warn you. I am sure this has happened to more people. Beware.

TL;DR dont minimize if you dont want to lose ships when mining.


Okay, I’m not saying that you are a troll, but this is the kind of thing that a troll would post.

But I suppose I’ll take it seriously.

Rats don’t get stronger because you minimize the game. But, if you check your lossmails to see what killed you, that could help us get to the bottom of this. This is because there are both trigs and diamond rats that can attack players in belts, and they are much stronger than your garden variety belt rats.

Also, going afk poses an inherent risk -if not from rats, then from players. Either accept that risk, and the consequences, or don’t go afk.


Actually that you can go AFK for 40min and your barge is still alive is the problem. CODE. or Safety, where are you when in need?


I am not a troll although I know my name/avatar is fun.

Returning player after 2 or 3 years and apparently there are new mechanics and some things I didnt know. For example what are those “trigs and diamond” rats.

I was killed by a regular guristas belt rat according to the kill mail (no players involved). I am 99% sure of what I am saying because I mine a lot and I know what my ship can tank and what not. I know some rats are stronger than others but this is too much of a coincidence. Just posting this in case it happens to anyone else (or in the future).

Might be bad luck but who knows. I bet it is doable, I mean, that the game turns your ship into a weaker one when you don’t move the mouse inside the game.

Man… This is an online server-based game. Nothing in it depends on your client’s state except for visual representation. Everything is calculated on a server. Server doesn’t care about you being minimized or not.


So, Forward Operating Bases are NPC structures that can spawn in Amarr, Caldari, and Gallente space. Systems that have one can spawn diamond rats -which are called as such because they’ll have a diamond next to their ship type. Now, there are two types of FOB’s that can spawn -and one of them is Guristas.

Thus, I would like to know the exact name of the rat on your kill mail, that way we can confirm or deny whether or not it was a guristas diamond rat.

And, for future reference, you can check to see if a FOB is present in system by checking the agency. I don’t remember the exact tab, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

And, on a side, I bet it would be possible to do. I mean, some games can pause if they lose focus. So, I’m sure there’s a way to weaken players if the client loses focus. However, I promise you this isn’t the case, because other people would have undoubtedly noticed and complained.


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You got blapped by a diamond rat.

100% your fault.

Learn to EVE kthx.


Also this paragraph is gold. Actively play. Gone for 40 minutes. Huh.


The can roam to surrounding systems as well.

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What it is is that CCP has secretly invested heavily in GITGLOP (Game Information Technology Gamer Lobe Observation Protocol) that reads your brainwaves and knows if you’re AFK. If you simply take measures to prevent your brainwaves from being scanned you won’t have the problem you refer to.


This is suspect.

What .5 system do You usually go mining in?
We need to figure this out: as Sometimes FOB / Diamond rats can be “invisible” to Your mining ship sensors. You can bypass their stealth-tech by clicking on the cog at the top left of your overview and click the “Show all Brackets” tab.

But the .5 system location is needed for trouble-shooting purposes: after all, EvE is a gaming community: If we can’t help eachother out- no one will.

And heck: Depending on your TimeZone: I’m sure I or one of my associates can watch over your industrial operation while You go for a quick bite to eat. If we play often enough: May be able to transport and deliver your Ore into your hanger in station [right click- “deliver to”]
But need to know so I don’t have to go to pochaven [scary place, I can’t help you there]
Which system, and TZ do you play?
Fly safe Cap’n! o7

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This thread is pure gold.

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Oh so that’s what keeps going wrong when I try to mine!

Alternatively you can buy a mining permit too. :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk: :wink:

Crazy idea just a crazy one if no one has given it. Buy another LCD 1080p not to expensive run the game window mode it never goes min then.

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