30b Loan 3%/5% Interest

(Survik Gaterau) #1

Hello, i am looking for 30b as loan. Offering 5% interest for uncollateralized loan or 3% for collateralized loan per month. Isk is planned to be used for my trading with BPOs. This time i expect loan to be paid back within 4 months.

More info about me & previous 20b loan can be found there: https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/518683/
Because there is no last message regards to finished deal i put screenshot of ENorn returning my collateral https://i.imgur.com/A9eVZIF.png in exchange for last (second) payment (plus tip).

(Art Vandolay) #2

5% is a bit low, no?

(Survik Gaterau) #3

Well its optional. There is 3% collateralized. If somebody wants more, then there are that 5%. But since i don’t scam, i need to keep interests real, so no 20% or something like that from me.

(Xylem Viliana) #4

If norn is willing to hold collateral again I can cover 15 - 20b of this atm

(Iedan) #5

Will be interested for 5-10b assuming 110% collateral to enorn.

-edit- Just saw 4 months so that works out.

(Lord Hook) #6

Ill take some or all collateralized if needed

(Elizabeth Norn) #7

Xylem Viliana sent me 17b ISK and I exchanged that with Survik Gaterau for collateral worth at least as much.

(Styx Saken) #8

If any of this is still open, I’ll be happy to fill the rest (with Elizabeth or myself holding the collateral).

(system) #9

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