30b Loan 3%/5% Interest

Hello, i am looking for 30b as loan. Offering 5% interest for uncollateralized loan or 3% for collateralized loan per month. Isk is planned to be used for my trading with BPOs. This time i expect loan to be paid back within 4 months.

More info about me & previous 20b loan can be found there: https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/518683/
Because there is no last message regards to finished deal i put screenshot of ENorn returning my collateral https://i.imgur.com/A9eVZIF.png in exchange for last (second) payment (plus tip).

5% is a bit low, no?

Well its optional. There is 3% collateralized. If somebody wants more, then there are that 5%. But since i don’t scam, i need to keep interests real, so no 20% or something like that from me.

If norn is willing to hold collateral again I can cover 15 - 20b of this atm

Will be interested for 5-10b assuming 110% collateral to enorn.

-edit- Just saw 4 months so that works out.

Ill take some or all collateralized if needed

Xylem Viliana sent me 17b ISK and I exchanged that with Survik Gaterau for collateral worth at least as much.

If any of this is still open, I’ll be happy to fill the rest (with Elizabeth or myself holding the collateral).

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