[LOAN] 30B Collateralized 2.5% ROI

(NightFox Avedon) #1

Hello all,

I am looking for 30B as a collateralized loan towards continuing prepping for the Refinery release. Loan term ends 1-2 months post release. Offering 2.5% interest with ENorn holding the Collateral.

Have had multiple previous loans with a Discord Group Roedyn runs, and can get vouches from them if needed.

Closing of 30B Collat Loan
(NightFox Avedon) #2

Probag bear has offered to fill the Loan, collateral being sent to ENorn.

(Elizabeth Norn) #3

NightFox and I discussed the collateral earlier and I value it at 30b and it has been contracted to me in exchange for 30b.

Once an investor is confirmed they can send the ISK to me and I’ll accept the contracts.

(probag Bear) #4

Loan filled!

(Elizabeth Norn) #5

ISK received and contracts accepted.

Give me a shout when you need me again.

(system) #6

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