Looking for 140B Collateralized/UnCollateralized 2.75%/4%

Closed until further notice

Amount needed: 140B

Duration for loan: 5-6 Months

Interest Rate: 2.75% Collateralized/4% Uncollateralized Paid on whatever day of the month initial payment is submitted.

Purpose: Finishing an investment that has proven too costly for myself on my own, but is guaranteed to return investment.

Prior Loans: No public prior loans, I have normally been on the side of you, the investor. The small loans I have taken are mainly from corp mates and other friends. So I wouldn’t expect a vouch from them to mean much.

Possible Collateral: I am sitting on a sizeable asset pile that can be used as collateral through ENorn. Would need to setup this with potential investor.

If you have any questions, you can message me on Discord: Mj11jM#1111 or I am also quick to reply on twitter(my DM’s should be open to everyone) : https://twitter.com/Mj11jM

If formatting or something is off, let me know. First time being on the public side of things here.

Current Investors/Possibles:

title sasy 2.5% but then you’ve mentioned 2.75%, which is correct?

anyway i’ll do 20b via ENorn.

Sorry about that, fixed it. Thanks for the heads up. I messed up the title because I was originally doing 2.5 and realized even I may not have taken that.

If you are alright with doing this on the weekend, I will get in contact with ENorn and see when they are available.

I’ll fill the remaining with ENorn holding

Awesome, I have already sent a mail to ENorn, Awaiting a reply and I will reply here when I get one

@Elizabeth Norn need your :eyes: here

@Tiddle_Jr @Lord_Hook Contact has been made with ENorn, They’re on holiday atm so it may be a bit slower than usual.

@Tiddle_Jr @Lord_Hook Sorry to say, ENorn wasn’t comfortable with my collateral, and I currently have heavily invested myself into what I am needing the loan for. For that I will go ahead and call this off. Thank you for your interest, sorry I was unable to help you help me :slight_smile:


thx for heads up, wish you very best of luck with your endavour.

Heh, just lost it all anyway. Guess I won’t be seeing anything anytime soon

What was it?

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