LF 8bill loan at 2.5% for one month FC

My main is Hellior Lennelluc and is an update from my last post. No trying to fool anyone. This will be a fully Collateral loan and still finding some great opportunities as this event rapes up. Total net worth of my 4 Characters is 27bill.

If you have any question or concerns, please ask or email me in game.

I can cover this if ENORN can hold the collateral and confirms the value thereof.

Why use yet another alt? Wrap up your apparent 6b abandoned thread

The collateral you contracted me last time round was only worth circa 5.5b. What has been added to the collateral to make it worth 8b?

Great! Sure i can do this. Is there a way to contact Enorn?

Yes i Realize this but all of my collateral is on this guy. Not sure what you mean by “another alt”, but I will rap up that last post.

I have gained more collateral and i guess you do not realize that drug prices are going up and what I contracted you was more than enough to cover 6bll

Norn posted pictures of you emailing him earlier on your previous thread, and you commented on that email in your 6bil thread, why is it proving so difficult to contact a trusted 3rd party to evaluate your collateral?

EDIT: Looking in your post history you even posted on Norns forum thread in the Services section, why can you not figure out how to contract him again after doing so multiple times?

I’m sorry, but i don’t speculate when valuing collateral, i look at market value and previous data available. your collateral was worth circa 5.5bill at that moment in time.

I and I’m sure others will not loan you money based on you speculating what your collateral “might” be worth.

I get what your saying, but its not like I gave you 3bill in collateral. So yea maybe I was 500mil short as you say but i got plenty for 8bill now.

O, sorry im new. I thought he was talking about a different person than Norm. Contracting the Collateral now to Norm.

Enorn can you please evaluate the collateral and advise if it is acceptable for an 8B loan as requested.

I’m happy to try again, contract me 8bill worth of collateral and ill fill the loan immediately.

Im sorry i have already contracted to Norm, thanks for trying again tho

I’m holding items from @Mcdonald_s_Seller worth at least 8b ISK. Mcdonald’s Seller, could you arrange who the investor will be in this thread, and have them post here?

It will be Reileen Kawahara. And yea i will email them in game now

Well Reileen Kawahara is not responding. Does anyone else want to Offer 8bill at 2.5%. I need it kinda soon before prices jump back up.

Hi, sorry RL got in the way. I am at work but will transfer the isk later today, around 7pm GMT if thats ok?

Damnit, why do I always miss the legit loans? If you’re looking for FC loans in future, hit me up; I’ll do 2%.

Ok Reileen Kawahara. Sounds good.And yea sorry Delboy maybe next time