30days or less!

(Mrchafe) #1

If you had 30days or less to make a mining character what skills would you focus on for null sec mining with a boosted fleet. From a fresh new faced capsuler with omega clone and a decent sized wallet. Also what refining skills would you work on.
focusing on the procurer or mackinaw if time alows. Would it be smart to train for implants first? And what ever other info you feel inclined to leave me.

(Chocolate Pickle) #2

You won’t be able to get a Mackinaw in 30 days. I’d advocate a Procurer, but a Retriever or Covetor might be appropriate under the protection of a boosted fleet.

I’m unsure of the order of training. I’ll leave that for you to think about. Pretty much all of these skills can have their training split up and done piecemeal. You want to do this so that you can get some use of ships and modules before becoming skilled in them.

  • Cybernetics 4 (traing this first, and put in the appropriate implants when this completes).
  • Mining Frigate 3.
  • Mining Upgrades 4.
  • Mining 5.
  • Astrogeology 4.
  • Industry 5 (a pre-requisite for MIning Barge, but has no other effect).
  • Mining Barge 4.
  • Drones 5.
  • Light Drone Operations 1.

You will also need some shield, and fitting skills.

(Mrchafe) #3

Perfect thanks! I’m trying to train 5 characters in 1 month of multi character training it gets expensive when buying 5 passes lol

(Do Little) #4

You can fly a T1 barge reasonably well in 2 weeks. I’d recommend investing the other 2 weeks on PI skills so you have 2 income streams. Save the income until the characters have earned enough to buy another MCT certificate. The second month should be enough to get most skills to level 4. T1 barges are less painful to lose and you will lose them in nullsec. A set of Basic +3 implants will help with the training.

(Mrchafe) #5

Pit skills to 4 shouldn’t take too long I was already thinking about doing that too. My corp mates recommend I go with shield skills too so the ratts won’t kill me