36 mil subcap pvp toon for sale

(Stefen Raven) #1


35.5 mil sp toon with 500k sp unallocated

7.6 mil in Drones
5.2 in Engineering
Over 5 mil in Guns

Make offers, I am in no rush to sell

Wallet >0
no killrights
Security Status >0

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #2

I offer 28B

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #3

30 bil

(Stefen Raven) #4


(Stefen Raven) #5


(Stefen Raven) #6


(Gary Bell) #7

31 Buyout… message em ingame

(Stefen Raven) #8


(Stefen Raven) #9

Bump! Skill points are going up almost at 36.5 mil sp

(Effigies) #10

32 Buy/out online now

(Stefen Raven) #11

Bump! Still looking for that right person that wants me really bad!

(Stefen Raven) #12


(Stefen Raven) #13


(Stefen Raven) #14


(Big Bear Lucky) #15

Say a good price, how much do you want to sell

(Ronni Ormand) #16


(Stefen Raven) #17

I do not understand what you mean a good price for me? As of lately prices for characters have been around 1 bil per 1 mil sp… I am looking to get into that neighborhood…

(Sarah Baxter) #18

Sorry. Injectors price is around 26b you can get normally at surplus of 4 or 5 , in this case 32.5 is excellent.

is very rare more than 800k per million.

Thread muted.

(Stefen Raven) #19

Let me go ahead and correct your math here. You can pull 62 skill injectors out. So after the cost of the skill extractor each injector will give you about 470 mil… to further help you do math you take those two numbers and you get a little over 29 bill… 5 million SP Tunes that have been emptied out will go for somewhere around 4 bill. There for me turning down an offer under 33 bill is a smart decision. I was waiting for offer in the 34 bil range which I believe is fair.

(Amelia Sturges) #20

If you are looking to “correct” someones math on here and desire a price on an unfocused subcap toon thats north of its extraction price you are going to have a bad time. You should extract and sell the shell yourself

Otherwise just post that you want 36b and keep bumping until this until a pilot decides this set of subcap skills fancies his needs. 90% of the people buying off this forum are extractors