[3rd] Annual GD Holiday Gift Exchange

Taking over for Cara Forelli, we are back for the 3rd year of General Discussion gift exchanges! The rules haven’t changed :slight_smile:

Do you like to give presents? Do you like to get free stuff? Come play!

Buy a ship for the poster above you. It can be anything you want but it should be fully fitted and ready to go. Have you got a silly fit lying around that is under-appreciated and just needs to be shared? Share the joy of your favorite fitting - or force your awful theory crafting on someone else.


  1. Post in thread
  2. Buy a ship for poster above you and fit it however you like!
  3. Contract it to them at any major market hub (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Hek, Rens)
  4. Optional: Edit your post with what you received! (Don’t make a new post unless you want to play twice)


  1. Be cool! Don’t post in the thread if you don’t want to particpate. If someone trolls, skip them.
  2. If your gift ship sucks don’t whine, this is about the spirit of giving!
  3. If you don’t receive a ship, use the appropriate response (war dec, locator agents, etc.) instead of flaming the thread
  4. Don’t be too stingy. That way we all get nice things :slight_smile:

Since I’m posting first I will give my gift to the second poster instead. I will also make sure the last person gets something at the end of the holiday season, so don’t worry about being last! Big smile

Happy Holidays! :grinning:

Nightmare before Christmas from Wanda! Thanks!! Your contract will be up from my alt soon :slight_smile:

And your contract is up Wanda, my favorite ship with a little bling on it :smiley: (From Trimaris Feron)


Ah, the fun returns! Thanks for that.

I got your back 3TEARS.
I’ll drop you something nice later today when I get online.

Contract up 3TEARS, enjoy!

Awesome, thankyou so much Ralph. I promise to abuse her well :laughing:
Tankyou 3TEARS, my stocking is now filled with bulkeads and blasters :sunglasses:

A nasty Proteus surprise from Ralph, a brutish navy issue from 3TEARS.
:sparkles: And to all a good night :sparkles:


never let a good deed go unpunished i say.

ill hit you up with something later.

contracts up.

been a good year with the girl , shes only three kill marks but been involved in a lot more murder than that.

and to you too.


Happy Xmas Ralph

Contracts up my friend


I still have a loot bag of stuff from Unsuccessful at Everything from a couple years back. lol

Omega you are my ship recipient this Christmas, but give me til Christmas. I don’t even know what stuff is worth anymore or what fittings should look like etc


Contract up for you Rain6637

Happy X-mas

received a pvp fitted Enyo, hopefully I get some good fights in it :wink:


and rolling, will be going to a hub soon

edit: Gustavs is up for a nice chase.

I received a pvp prophecy from Alpharius-Omegon


I’ll get to hit later and put a contract up. Merry xmas
Checked ur killboard and got you a ship you already fly. Hope you like it. Its not much but I’m isk poor although don’t undock without checking cargo.
Thanks for the geddon. I’ll try to lose it in style


I did enjoy this last year so lets do it this year again!

Edit: Contract is up Alpharius. Hope you Enjoy it :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Thx for the Ninazu! You just got top spot on my Watchlist :smiley:



Hmm, what to get you.
Afk a few…

Edits: Contract up!
Merry Christmas!

Edit: Yer welcome Sir!

Edit: Thank you Adrian! Merry Christmas!


Amarth, your gift is about to be assembled :slight_smile:
3TEARS, thanks for initiating!

Fly safe, and merry xmas!

Edit: Contract with some memories is up; some assembly required due to lacking skills of my Jita alt :wink: Merry Christmas

Edit2: Thanks for the awesome bling Astero! Matches my playstyle, and I’ll haul it to my hunting grounds :slight_smile:


This is a nice initiative.

Adrian, the ship I’ll be contracting you is (a replica of) the one that netted me my first killmark.
Fittings aside, it’s also one of my favorite hulls, which I started flying as a wee newbro, and has been first priority training on all my alts since. I love it to bits ^^

Small request though; please get at leat one killmark with it before considering to strip it!
Hope you enjoy it!

Happy everything to everybody!

Edit: this really is a nice initiative, i’ve giggled myself through the entire fitting/contracting process and wasn’t even trying to shitfit XD

Edit2: Really glad you like it ànd that it matches your playstyle, cloaky hunters for the win! :slight_smile:

Edit3: Sweet, a polarized Executioner!
Never dared flying anything polarized, I am very curious indeed to see what will happen when I go find a fight in an FW zone with this :slight_smile:


Will soon get to Jita to get a gift for you

merry xmas

Edit: Contract up

Got a Suicide gank Tornado, thx

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oh, these are cool

@A4443_Suicide_Gank ill get you fixed up after work

sorry for being slow
contract is up, hope ur name is not a lie :)))

got an apothoesis, thx

merrymerry and happyhappy

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07 you get something soon after work

got a pvp fitted worm

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I got you, Marionatus

Edit: Got a sweet new Echelon.


Please try to update your post when you receive your gift! Thanks guys

–Skip this post for gift giving–


And some likes all around :rofl:

-Don’t gift me either-
Get Rex^^

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I have the perfect fit for you, Rex.

Edit: A fine Catalyst, thank you Panter, it will be used.


have something nice for you soon

Contract up

got a nice Magus, thx

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