3rd time lucky?

Hey all,
I am about to try EVE for the 3rd time…I’ve struggled in the past and decided its just not for me. However, I keep getting drawn back by the potential and the stories I see!
I’m never going to be able to dedicate endless hours, I’m going to be a casual player at best for the time being.
I first started playing in 2013 and went for about 3 or 4 months ending with a main and an alt on separate accounts, I can’t even remember what I was training them for. I then quit and returned in 2015 and for some unknown reason added two more accounts with the aim of running a small enterprise with a an explorer a hauler a trader and a miner (I think, I can’t quite remember). Suffice to say, I have 4 toons sitting in separate accounts with pretty low skills on each (max 5 mil) and I just don’t know what to do with them. I need to create a new alt on one of the accounts just so I can repeat the tutorials as I can’t even remember how to navigate let alone scan or do anything else! but once I’ve done that I’m wondering whether to transfer the toons so that I have all 4 in just 2 accounts or whether I keep all 4 accounts and activate them if I get back into the game or whether or whether I transfer the highest skilled 2 into my main account and just operate like that.
If it is any help in answering my rather nebulous query, I think I’d like to play solo most of the time, I struggled to find time to commit to corps previously, I also think I’d like to set up an operation where I have an explorer main and the other toons support that in some way with the option of eventually being able to strike deals with other players or corps to do things or sell info or sell direct to market.
Total noob questions I know, I have looked for answers that specifically address how to decide whether to consolidate accounts or whether to just leave inactive accounts waiting for a possible future need.

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Welcome back.

There are 3 sets of career agents for each faction - pick one you haven’t done to recover a basic understanding of the mechanics. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Getting_Started_in_EVE_Online

You should be able to run the tutorial unless you’ve already done so. This will give you a ship that’s able to start the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc.

The stories you hear about Eve are player stories - cooperative or competitive relationships. Playing Eve solo is playing it the hard way - the content CCP provides won’t hold your interest for long - it’s the content provided by other players that keeps people in this game for years. Most Eve players are adults with family and career obligations - limited play time is the norm, not the exception, that shouldn’t prevent you from joining a player community.

Pick 1 of your accounts to get back in the game. The others can wait. Transferring characters between accounts is expensive (1000 PLEX or $20US). Wait until each character has a defined role and you have enough in-game wealth to consider the price pocket change before moving characters.


I’ve reactivated just one account (my original toon) I’ve already done the tut’s with that char, so I’ve created an alt in one of the spare slots to redo the tutorials but then I’ll do the agent thing as suggested with the main. I’ve had no skills training on him for two years, another month isn’t going to hurt lol! If I do stick with the explorer plan, I’ll probably mothball this character again and reactivate a different one, I’m pretty sure one of my alts has better explore skills than this one…can’t remember which though!

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Did you notice there are 12 “schools” in New Eden, so you can visit each of the 12 sets of carreer agents? Quite close to Arnon are the Gallente agents in Couster.

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Yes, thanks…
It’s funny, I’ve just spent the last week getting back into eve and I’m enjoying it! my main is back exploring in WH’s in a cloaky frig and so far I’ve only lost one ship when I forgot to bookmark on the way in to a hole and then accidentally clicked warp to and landed in a sleeper site where I got blown up and had to self destruct to get out! That said, I’m not sure that I will make solo exploration my main activity and I was thinking of starting to run agent missions again to get a bit more experience with different play styles!

@andor_maci - jump clones are good for doing different activities as you feel like and are easier to get now than ever.

You could have one in, say, Thera wormhole “central location” you could jump to when you felt like doing exploration for awhile, one in a hisec mission area for if you felt like doing that for a bit, one in a 0.0 home for doing that life, etc, etc.

That’s a good idea, thanks!
I’ve gone back into all of my accounts to see what’re the various toons skills are. I have a bit of a plan, how does this sound?:
My main char is pretty good as far as exploring skills and has some decent piloting, missile and drone skills as well. I will continue him down this path and use him as low sec, null and WH explorer/PVE/PVP.
My second is a good salvager and has some mining skills, I’ll train her towards gas huffing in the same regions as the main is playing in and also build some extra PVE skills to support the main if needs be. That way I should be able to take advantage of a number of opportunities scanned in each system.
My third char was training towards hauling and I think I will continue her down that path to move stuff around from my other chars which leaves my last account that I am thinking of setting up 3 PI toons in for semi passive income.
Maybe I’ll get a couple of alts on the other accounts to sit in various trade hubs and sell the products of the other chars.

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