Sharing the Good and the Bad..! Started for third time

Dudes, I shared the bad when crying that I was quitting (for the second time), now I am sharing the good, I started playing again, activated my double Omegas again for the third time. Just miss this awesome world too much… Big thanx for all on the forums, see you in Space!!!


Gotta take the good with the bad.

And the ugly! The good, the bad, and the ugly.


Gotta take the good carebear’s the bad ganker’s with ugly null alliance’s. Welcome Back. Hope your ship carries you far. o7

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Such a lovely place such a lovely place.
Such a lovely face.


“You can check out anytime you can like,
but you can never leave”

Nobody leaves Eve. Nobody.


Yes it’s too late…

*Yes it’s too late,
too late,
too late"


Welcome back. I look forward to bumping you until you are forced to log out. Let the harsh reality of EVE set back in…

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One of the things EVE gotting me really hooked is the fittings simulation window

I’ve biomassed multiple characters multiple times with the intention to quit but never could quite get around to making the final cut. I’m currently in about the third (or maybe fourth counting that zznxb thing) total rebuild. Noob characters, noob ships, all that. Think sometimes I just like playing on the bottom, but seems there should be a easier/better way to do it. Currently in a bit of a mess, building new system and running three accounts and four characters multi-instancing on just the one computer with just the one monitor. Not something I would want to do long term but it has been a learning experience. I can’t leave Eve, hell, I like hi-sec mining.

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Bro, I am running lvl one missions, which upto now I never explored, just love it. Doing now a distribution run in a Nereus!!
I have thank got a tripple monitor workstation PC, but I am playing only one Omega account at a time. I found this to be much more relishable, flying one toon with full attention. I keep the second Omega for just having two permanent training ques going, because I basically like all the different professions/directions you can go/train in EVE. From mining to PvP, exploration, trading, PI and FW, I love it all.



Eagles… such a great Band :smiley:

Welcome back!

Welcome to Into the Abyss! Now show your Redeemer… :slight_smile:

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As the great hero Ash said, “Good? Bad? I’m the guy with the gun!”

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