4 eyes principle for alliance assets

(Eryn Velasquez) #1

the title says it all

would be nice, if CCP could add an optional setting for the leader of the executor corp.

Might be an optional checkmark “4 eyes needed” for assets like citadells or wallet transfers above amount “X”.

(Old Pervert) #2

IIRC four eyes was the problem, not the solution :wink:

Had gigX simply retained sole control over his alliance, he would not have had it stolen when he gave judge access to it too.

(Eryn Velasquez) #3

i think you don’t know, what “4 eyes principle” stands for. If a second person is needed to approve the transferal of assets, and a proper role for this action is required, this mess never would have happened.

(Old Pervert) #4

Oh I know exactly what it was… hence the wink, as I referred to it in exactly the opposite manner.

“This mess” is encouraged by CCP. People are always encouraged to lie, cheat, steal, and scam… or more accurately, players are encouraged to do whatever tf they want (which is generally always going to be bad for someone).

And, honestly, I have zero sympathy. I mean… it sucks hard for the CO2 line members that got screwed through no fault of their own… but I hate x-large alliances as a concept, so to me it was a huge win to see one fall.

(Daichi Yamato) #5

Trust is one of those things that sets eve apart. Having to actually trust other players encourages engagement between players that you will never see in other games.

To paraphrase what another player said after the co2 incident;

‘something EVE happened’

(Old Pervert) #6

Besides… 4 eyes means everyone gets to keep their hands :rofl:

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #7

Nope eve is great because it stays out of the way and only steps in to protect players when balance is required.

If you don’t want things stolen don’t give access to people you don’t trust. Theft is a perfectly legitimate play style that is far from broken

(system) #8

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