40M SP Nyx PVP Toon

Comes with nice shiny HG Ascendancy Pod

Also comes with Nyx Headhunter Skin

Usual lowballers offering less than extraction value will be ignored

Nyx Skin is currently worth over 20B on its own based on Jita prices

Notes : Toon has positive wallet and no kill rights. Currently located in Jita 4-4

I would offer 25b.
which is above extraction value.

Also, that skin can currently be bought in Jita for 3.8b

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30bil offer

I’m not sure where I got that 20B figure from. I must have been checking the price on an alt that was somewhere else.

Anyway, 30B is close to what I would accept. Can you nudge that up a little bit higher?


I will go 32bil final offer.

I’m going to accept Hoh Lee Phucc’s offer unless you are willing to go any higher?


OK, that seems to be the limit of things

Offer accepted

This sell?

No, I’ve messaged him in game and no response.

You can have at your offer of 32B if you want

Sounds good. I’m not home at the moment but will send isk and account info once I am.


isk and acc info sent.

OK, thanks. I’m just up now and need to do a few things. I’ll login and start the transfer in the next couple of hours.

Transfer done :slight_smile:

Received the initial transfer notice.