4250 account bans for botting related activities since February.....no alpha account problem?

So why is there no emergency break and the alpha accounts are simply stopped as it should be if an obviously mass problem of this kind occurs?

Will ANYBODY tell me that one PAID omega account botting occurs?

So…IF there is a botting problem with alpha accounts WHY are they still live?


hmm … guess most botting is in mining and ratting
mining on an alpha is … lets call it Ventrue … you know?
ratting on a alpha can give more but … if you have a fleet of alphas ratting for you … why not 1 char and carrier ratting?
i guess (i dont know it) that 1 carier can bring mor isk then 5 or 6 aaphas

next thing is you need a few PCs or a PC with a lot of power … 1 vpn tunnel for each alpha … not that funny to work with that

i guess its not a alpha problem



Since when is time or effectivity a botters problem…the bot runs 24/7…

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Because a carrier requires more attention and costs subscription cost. And the bots for those are more expensive.

It’s not a problem of time. It’s a problem of effort to maintain the accounts.
Why keep 30 alpha accounts running when you just can have 3 super carriers do ratting in null and be as effective?
Botters are lazy. That’s why they use bots in the first place. Having to maintain a ton of semi-effective accounts is more work than 3 very effective omegas.

Just my assumptions, though.

Alphas has the potential to hit 100m/h

Plus You don’t have to invest a ton of cap skills. If someday CCP decides to kill bots as early as they can, botters might find alphas less risky.

However, I was always trying to look for better, safer opportunity to farm with bots.

After the series of tests I decided to use Gilas.

quoted from https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8yipyt/confession_of_a_botmaker/

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We had botting long before we had alphas. A change to alphas would just move the problem.

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If they’re getting banned, I don’t see the problem. 4,250 sounds like an ‘op success’ to me.

I’m surprised at how many are listed as banned for account hacking. Though this may have different meanings since no detail is given.

Account hacking would be obviously hacking into someones account and draining it of all the assets and extracting SP for starters. But it could also mean cheating, for example boosting stats such as EHP on ships or movement or even sig, if done in moderate amounts the player doing it would be hard to detect if they still die once in a while or are smart and turn it off when they know they need to die in order not to get suspected by others.

Or just boost DPS when solo ratting, or some other more subtle stuff like that.

I suppose there are many things that could fall into this category.

4250 account bans for botting. Bots run all day, every day. Average online player count at any given time is between 15k to 30k.

So throw a dart at the clock, log in at whatever time it lands on, and it’s likely that up to a quarter of everyone you see in local is a bot.

Not so great, in my my opinion. Looks like CCP has created a bot friendly environment and thinks finding them and banning a few is better than fixing the problem at its source. Make botting not easy and the problem fixes itself.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You might have a point if the article said, “this is how many bots are in the game”. Instead, it says, “this is how many bots have been banned”, and therefore removed from the game, meaning they’re not there anymore.

You’re right that the game makes botting easy, though, but you’re also just repeating a point that’s been made since 2012, maybe even longer, idk, that’s just when I started playing and first noticed the good points being made about EVE being too bot friendly.

But when I look in local, it’s a bunch of blues that I know, and the occasional neutral/red that I’m probably going to blow up. I’ve never seen anyone botting in lowsec… or wh for that matter. Conclusion: make EVE all lowsec/wh.

There are boting operations run in my space we sometimes set up a neutral alt in their systems out of spite a neat tactic to profit off them if you find them set up an ess let them continue then go back and cash in what the ess collected

Given that botting predates alpha accounts im going with yes, there are omega bots.

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Nice work CCP.

If people spent as much effort hunting and killing bots as they do griping about it on here, it would not be a problem.

A bot will run enough hours each month that being omega could easily be more profitable than being alpha. A few percent here and a few percent there adds up. And of course botting has existed longer than alpha.

That said I think it’s a good idea to look at what banned accounts were alpha vs omega, but I don’t know that CCP would make that public. The skeptic in me says they laundered isk through a bunch of alpha accounts before RMTing it, and most of those useless accounts are the banned accounts, but that’s only something CCP could confirm.

Makes me wonder if there’s some correlation between bans and people suddenly shutting up in the afk cloaking shithole thread.

You’re miscalculaitng. 4200 bans in 4 months it’s about 1050 bans per month, or 35 a day. And since they might have a larger footprint on PCU than a regular player, their contribution to PCU is even smaller than “35 out of PCU”.

I highlight the part that made me giggle, all stats are controlled serverside, there is no way for you to “hack” the stats of a ship without access to dogma which would leave a nice lovely audit trail :stuck_out_tongue:

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Alot of the so called hacking of accounts is done when a player shares his password to a corpie or friend and logs in 1 day to find his buddy striped his account bare.Issue here is the ones claiming to have been hacked left the account to their buddies when taking long breaks or trying to quit the game then decided to return.
So if you got buddies looking to quit have their characters transfered to your accounts before they quit when they get back no claims can beade

I see. I didn’t know that. A lot of online games have a mix, most main stats are saved server side but a lot of stat effects are initially processed client side then the temporary total is updated to the servers, its how you end up stat hacks.

Still a bit surprised at the number of bans in this category.