42M SP Kronos / Industrial / Capital Starter with funny name


Looking to sell my alt, don’t really see myself using it as much as I used to, Was mainly a PVE toon for farming incursions or other pve content while I did Low or Null sec on my main. Positive wallet and all that. Trash looking kill board. Not too much Asset trash.

Has ability to fly Capitals.

Thinking 18b starting, feel free to offer buyouts over 30b.

Rajeet Achmar 20 Bil

Hey mate 24bil, cashola in hand ready to go.

Ill take the top bid by the end of this next week, September 10th.

Sorry about forgetting the time open.

I can pay 25b

in the end,I was the highest bidder

I can offer 26bil.


I believe the 9th has not ended :slight_smile:

Sorry for any confusion based on Location, I am West Coast US so the 10th is today. So there is about 16 more hours till the bidding is closed.




28bil :slight_smile:


Gosh, I just really love the name…


Sorry bud, you missed the deadline

Bidding is closed,

Honoring both your final bids as you both bid after midnight, If Jess does not go through with the transfer today Worldshakers bid will be honored.


Sounds good. Cash sent

Im confused…I have the last bid on the 10th when bidding was supposed to close. Hell, Id even pay the 29b, but according to the timestamps, i have the last bid on the 10th as per your instructions.

soz fam