42m sp nice character Revelation JF and Quasi-Titan

hi, i want sell myself if price good enough i will sell.
perfect support related with titans doomsday skills, every titan Only takes 1 hour, Perfect shooting and reveletaion.rhea,ark. can sit in aeon. and have High-grade Amulet 1-6 in jita.
positive sec status
positive wallet
npc corp
no kill rights
High-grade Amulet Alpha
High-grade Amulet Beta
High-grade Amulet Gamma
High-grade Amulet Delta
High-grade Amulet Epsilon
High-grade Amulet Omega
all ccp rules apply
email in-game or here i will check post every 24h
Starting price 45B B/O 50B

Confirm sale


30 bil

ty you offer. but too low


no tanks,That’s not the reason

are u ready?!

31b offer

no ty but too low


40b offer

accept,send your isk,and your account

are u here?

Sorry retracted i already bought the toons i needed

30 Bil on the table. Ready to send ISK

30.5bil ready

31B offer


below 40B,pls dont bid