43.5m SP character WTS - SOLD


Lots of mining and small ship skills, including T3D
Mining drone skills IV+
3 Jump Clones with implants
Active kill rights for Kusions and CODE
Security Status 2.2
All clones in highsec
Established PI

Start the bidding at 40b

Hey, hope you get 40bil but I’m starting with 20bil

Gl selling this, 10m SP of waste. Needs a lot of work

It will sell one way or the other - regardless of your concept of waste.

Give me 30 and it is yours.

@Bernie_Goetz 30 bil

There you go, got your offer. Nice one :slight_smile:

Start the process and lets get it wrapped up.

@Bernie_Goetz do you accept the bid?

I am accepting your bid of 30 billion isk for the character Bernie Goetz

@Bernie_Goetz isk and account info sent

Transfer complete - in 10 hour cool down period.

Thank you!

Transfer complete, thanks for deal

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