45Mil SP Rorqual/Rhea/Indy pilot


Rorqual V
Industrial Core V
Mining Drone Specialization V
(perfect yield)
Jump Drive Calibration V
Cynosural Field Theory V
Can fit Covert Cyno
Cybernetics V
Can fly Prospect (For tackling or traveling on BO)
Can Fly Rhea on IV
Can Fly DST or Covert Transport
Can Fit Covert Cloac
Can Fly Nyx (if you need a holder)
Can Fly Bowhead
Can Fly Orca
Can Fly on Amarr/Caldari/Minmatar/Gallente - Frigate/Destroyer/Cruiser/Battlecruiser/Battleship in 3
(so if you need to transportate any ship you can do it on this character)
Also can fly Minmatar Interceptor (for self treveling) Minmatar Covert Ops (For Covert Cyno) and Hyena for Webbing Freighters.
Nice Utility Skills

Character located in HighSec
Security Status 3.5
Unallocated SP 500,000
Have Improved Set clone (+5)

Starting Bid 37b
B/O 41b


Daily bump

37B B/O Ready

38 bil

41 bil

I’m sorry I was working. If you are ready send me please ISKs and account info and i will stat transfering process

Sending now… ;=)

Transfering process is initiated
Have a nice day!)

Confirmed, thanks S.I.!

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