49m Caldari Dread, JF, Blackops/ Marauder JDC 5 Price Check

Looking for a price check on this character please .

1. Wallet balance.
Wallet Balance is not negative

2. Kill rights
No Kill rights on this character

3. Jump clones
All jump clones are in low-sec, one of which consists of a High grade crystal set + additions.

4. Character location.
For the sale Character will be in Jita 4-4 in an NPC corp/

you just want a price?or you want to sell it?

Looking to sell, unsure on price .

I bid 45b

I bid 46b

Thread reopened.


Would you consider 50 b/o ? was hoping for 52 ideally…

Bumppity bump bump

The paitent Bump, gets the sale.

Entertaining offers.

if you can wait a few days i will buy at 50 bil

Happy to wait, not an issue. Ill make sure he is ready for his new home.


I’ll go 52 bil immediately. If you want to hold out more than a day or so I am uninterested.

well i don’t wanna buy anymore as its jf and maurder skill is lvl 3 and lvl 4 respectively

so you should sell to flat butt

Sold, to you sir.

Please transfer isk to me with account name and ill initiate transfer.