4k display split

So i’m looking for a way to split a 4k monior into 4 sections with eve clients.

Only solution I have atm is to drag clients in the top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right and that splits clients 4 ways, but has them ugly windows borders.

The screen size is 52 inch so scaling back to 100% is not a problem.

Is there a way that i can (and others) able to set the location of the clients in fixed window mode so no borders so it looks like 4 separate displays on 1 panel.

I found things like python scrips but I have 2 issues, I don’t understand Python, and from the code, I have seen means you need to log in first and select character so the window reports as “EVE - CharacterName” to allow the script to work.

Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve but without the bars of the window at the top of the clients.

Is there a way that it can be added to the eve client settings where the window size is set to 1920x1080 and the window location on lets say Display 2 is at 0,0 and the next one is at 1921,0 the 3rd one is at 0,1081 and the 4th is at 1921,1081

I use Mosaico to accomplish things like this. It can be heavily customized with preprogrammed layouts, “autoplace”, and hotkeys for window placement (eg. Ctrl+Alt+directional numberpad). I highly highly highly recommend this software. Protip: I personally don’t like the “auto place” feature that is enabled by default, and if you don’t like it either it can be temporarily disabled, and also disabled by default via settings. I personally don’t use the preprogrammed layouts feature either since I don’t have any “common app layout configurations”, but it would be perfect for you based on your common use case. The feature I use 32312359234237 times a day is the placement via hotkeys, which you can customize to “cycle” different sizes by repeatedly hitting that hotkey (I have both horizontal and vertical monitors, so this is essential).

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I just tied it, promiseising, however its paid software, found an altertive in windows powertools with the fancy windows feature.

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Futher into my mission to have fixed windows moved i looked into the core_public__ file in settings folder and found this in the code

  - 132520145396589013
  - {Adapter: 3, AutoDepthStencilFormat: 4, BackBufferCount: 1, BackBufferFormat: 88,
    BackBufferHeight: 928, BackBufferWidth: 1078, EnableAutoDepthStencil: true, Flags: 0,
    FullScreen_RefreshRateInHz: 0, MultiSampleQuality: 0, MultiSampleType: 0, PresentationInterval: 16,
    SwapEffect: 0, Windowed: true}
  FixedWindow: [132520145396589013, true]
  - 132520145373462342
  - [1680, 1050]
  UIScaleFullscreen: [132520145373462342, 1.0]
  UIScaleWindowed: [132520145396589013, 1.0]
  - 132520145396589013
  - [1080, 960]
  antiAliasing: [132520145527419077, 0]
  brightness: [132520145099002705, 1.0]
  charClothSimulation: [132520145373462342, 1]
  charTextureQuality: [132520145373462342, 0]
  fastCharacterCreation: [132520145373462342, 0]
  lodQuality: [132520145527419077, 1]
  postProcessingQuality: [132520145527419077, 0]
  resourceCacheEnabled: [132520145099002705, 1]
  shaderQuality: [132520145527419077, 1]
  shadowQuality: [132520145527419077, 1]
  textureQuality: [132520145527419077, 2]

Could this be implemented? So it knows where to position the client, I personally have 3x 1920x1080 screens in portrait

  - 132520145396589013
  - [0, 961]

I use Kuroro Lucifer’s autohotkey script. It’s easy to use and uses a minimual amount of system resources (1.2 MB RAM). He has one for tile 4 1080p clients, and one for tiling 9 720p clients.

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Thanks I look into this, the aim of my post is to poke CCP into doing it its a small QOL improvement.

That’s certainly fine. Personally it seems CCP has enough on their plate and given the multitude of tools available for something like this, I wouldn’t want them wasting resources on it.

CCP’s position on things has been not to implement things that 3rd party devs are capable of doing, especially if they can be done better or, in this case, in a general-purpose EVE-agnostic manner. Window layout managers already exist, so rest assured CCP will not be touching this one.

Also: Mosaico has a free version. (And if it doesn’t have the features you need, it is totally worth paying for.)

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