4th significant digit when setting up sell orders

Hi all,

When setting up a sell order for a filament, I wanted to enter the price of 7990 isk. However, I was not within the 4th significant digit because the game likes to put whatever in for the sell price with decimal points in the isk. So the game decided to change my sell order to another price. It ended up being 7,999,000 isk. With a 1 million brokerage charge… For an item I was trying to sell for 8000 isk.

Can we PLEASE have an option where the game does NOT try to edit your price? If it happens to not fall into the 4th significant digit you just get an error message when attempting to sell rather than changing the ISK automagically?

The game doesn’t add digits to a sell order when triggering ‘4 significant digit’ rules - it simply rounds off the number to the 4th digit from the left. 4th significant digit is not responsible for your issue. I don’t know if you had a keyboard input error, keyed in a comma and zeroes instead of a decimal and zeroes, or hit a key too many times and didn’t notice, but it wasn’t the significant digit process at fault here.


I’ve never seen the game add zeros to any order. This just sounds like you weren’t paying attention and messed up.

Don’t be so lazy next time.

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