5.1m+ Focused Occator Pilot. Best DST name - B/O 3.9b

Best DST pilot name in the game.
Plex sale, parked in 4-4 jita.
0.0 Sec status
5119471 SP
2 remaps available. Currently not mapped.
Positive isk wallet.

Needs just a bit of love to get it to untouchable status, but most of the core skills are there for the Occator.
wearing a Men’s SARO ‘Black Troop’ Combat Suit

Gallente Industrial 5
Transport Ships 5
Hull upgrades/Mechanics 5
Decent scanning skills
Cybernetics 4
Industry 5

skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Deep_Space_Penetrator

Advanced Spaceship Command
Gallente Freighter
Transport Ships


just reply, dont msg me in game.

3.9 b

will sell to lora loras in 24h.

Please send 3.9b isk and account name to the character in an in-game mail. Thanks!

Lora_Loras hasn’t responded in 2+ days… pilot still available for sale until he/she responds.

sorry unforeseen expenses … tomorrow I will transfer the money

great! :slight_smile: Just post here when you’ve sent it.


Still up for sale… Lora Loras has gone MIA! :slight_smile:

Will do 2bil if you dont get any more offers o7

ill do 2bil if you send me 1k plex first :slight_smile:

buy me
pls bro pls


3.9b B/O

Will buy if still available

still available…

Are you still interested?

@John_Togoanta @Midijerk_Maulerant

i am, willing to send the 3.9b


isk received, ticket made.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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