5.3mil sp toon for sale

i can confirm im for sale
i have pos wallet and sat in highsec with no kill rights
i have a few assests which you get with me
im in a nuet corp
im starting price of 3bil

Not really anything great to be honest, I’ll give you 1.5B right now for it.

nope sorry starts at 3bil

2B last offer, right now. There are things to be done with the char but it will take time to train, the char is not really worth that much. All he can fly is Caldari cruisers and isn’t even focused. I’m giving 2B to take it right now, ISK ready, won’t get any higher for a char as unfocused as that.

nope sorry like i said

Okay, no worries :slight_smile: contact me in a few days when you won’t have gotten an offer, but if you don’t take the 2B offer right away, it will be 1,5B first offer when you come back

2.5 bil


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