WTS 5.1 mil sp toon

selling my old capital alt has all of the super/capital skill books but one it doesn’t have the minmitar titan skill book i extracted him no longer need this toon throw me a offer

.NPC corp
.no kill right’s


2bil :wink:

5 bil :smiley: it’s your’s

3bil :wink:

hmm can you go 3.5 :smiley:

dont have enough most i can do is 3.1


Is it too late to go 3.5?

nope haven’t heard back from the last guy yet

I’d love to know your main…most likely I know you from cruzados…but no worries. I’ll take it…3.5B a deal then?

yup its a deal

Give me a moment to log the appropriate alt on and move some isk between accounts…then I’ll send you the isk. Please acknowledge receipt here on the forums and I’ll eve mail you the account to send it too.

just let me know when isk is sent

isk sent along with email for account to be transferred to, have you received both?

isk received

Character transferred starting enjoy takes 10 hours

Thank you so much, have a great life in eve

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