5 hours with a problem of trying to log on

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my question for everybody why is it take 5 hours when you trying to recover your account when you should already have everything set. And why join a group like if it were for the delonte and they just have you on file and treat you like you don’t belong to them. And if you’re in trouble they will not protect you. While you are sitting and waiting for their part to work together as a team.

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My question is this: why can’t you type coherent sentences and why don’t you at least TRY to make sense?

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I agree, not really sure about this thread. It seems like it went somewhere unexpected.

Edit: What is the pic for?

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loosing my ship and my (OMEGA)

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why I meet people like you,

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Oh dear! If English is not your first language then say! we can help, possibly! but at least ask!

I have a feeling your main language is either Belarus or Russian and as such try the language channels provided!

I suppose a picture of your desk meant something in your head but did not transfer to our understanding sorry!

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If I need capsules to be smart asses I would actually give them (ISK) for it

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