5 players in Athounon in US primetime on a weekend... a system that is supposed to change the game forever

I took my main to Athounon to see all of the hype up-close and personal…

A system where there is an event that is supposed to bigly and permanently effect the future of Eve Online Faction Warfare, which is being revamped, supposedly the initial core pillar to the justification for the price increase and to show that CCP knows what players want for the future of the game…

5 people… including myself. 6:30pm on a weekend.




It’s not even 1800 here, are you from the future?

Probably from the past. At least I wouldn’t consider Monday part of the weekend.

That’s how many people are still paying to play after the price hike?

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Guy must have time-travelled again, he didn’t even come back here to explain how there were 5 people in Athounon in US primetime on a weekend when it was 1730 in the EU on a Monday.

He is one of the longest serving forum complainers


How many of those ships were just unfitted hulls? CCP spent two years hiding from C19 and the game. What we have now is the final results, Nothing. Yep all hip, what we in the industry call verbal B Jobs.

Someone not making their quota? So many ventures in that system.

I mean, Caldari already met their goal, I would not be surprised if the Gallente just gave up. Part 2 of the campaigns is now happening for them.

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Theoretically, they can probably continue mining until the goal is reached. The Part 1 campaign synopsis seem to suggest that both empires will be able to build their gates with enough effort. The problem is, Caldari control over the entire constellation has compounded the difficulty on the Gallente side. Zero control means less Gallente mining sites spawning, which both reduces the amount they can mine and make it easier for Calmil fleets to intercept them in the ones that do. I get the feeling they’ll just move on to Part 2 as well.

I went to Athounon or however you spell it. Didn’t notice anything and went back to PvPing.

There were a lot of kills on Saturday, October 8th, and Sunday, October 9th in Athounon.

So less than 2 kills per hour for the day… just over 1 KpH, actually.

Is that considered a lot, for FW, these days? I don’t FW so can’t compare.

Seems a bit shy of “biggest content update ever!” levels of interest to me though.

Maybe they shouldn’t have picked a game mechanic they’ve spent 10 years killing all interest in to hang that hype on.


I don’t understand any of the events, so I don’t bother participating.


Kinda need the Gallente to try and take the system first. Caldari is populated from what I can tell (I’ve been hacking on the Amarr side of things so I don’t have first hand knowledge).

Caldari has a lot of low SP players. Gallente are few in numbers but bring blingier ships and then cry in Local when Caldari bring 30 frigates to kill the Vargur that Gallente dropped on a single Moa.

Once again CCP are running an in game event while relying on out of game content / explanations to motivate players to care.


It seems that the only one working during the C-19 two year nightmare was the Lady that put the effort in on this FW stuff. And since they had zip to run with at Fan Fest they threw her up in front of the masses gave her very little time to present her ideas (yes I watched the videos) and then moved on to more vague promises of things to come expecting the masses to just eat it up like pigs in a pen. Sorry CCP, you lost me at your fairy tail of Hopes and Dreams.

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