5 run BPC from module

Firstly people will say why?

  • simply this, people in WH, LOW, NULL don’t always have access to markets to buy needed modules but like everyone we need our modules, by being able to craft a 5 run BPC from a module would help everyone get more if none was available.

  • T-1 modules only, no T-2, no T-3, no ships.

  • Yes
  • No

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The real issue is that you cannot manufacture any meta modules. That is the industry feature I think we really need.

Part of the core element of the EVE economy/ecosystem/experience is that goods should be regularly imported/exported between HS and LS/NS/w-space. In fact, part of resource distribution is that Veld, the most commonly required ore for the most in-demand mineral, is now almost exclusively found in HS and will need to be exported to NS. This is no different with regards to modules and other items.

Freight can be costly in terms of ships, courier service fees, and/or time=money+risk of loss, but that’s also part of the core EVE experience. We should not make it easier for LS/NS/WHers just because they don’t want to import from HS.

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