5 Star Criminal system

I will keep this short because I think most people will know what I am talking about, lets rip the 5 Star criminal system right out of GTA/No Mans Sky and the other games which have adopted it, it works, its good and fun for all involved.

New Concord Ships
First we would need a new type of concord that does not just instagib anything they shoot, lets call them the Detectives in constant killmode or Dick’s for short, so these new concord ships will deal player levels of damage relevant for the shipclass the hull is and it will be these guys sent after pilots with stars.


1 Star - You do something to earn a suspect timer, this results in you being issued 1 star and each star comes with it’s own 3 hour timer.
2 Star - You have done something to earn a suspect timer while an active star timer is counting down, this resets that active timer and issues you with a second star and a second timer your total time now is 6 hours.
3 Star - You Gank some one in a hauler or barge or destroyer and down, your star level is set at 3 if your star level was above 3 then it’s increased by 1 and all timers are reset…
4 Star - You Gank some one in a cruiser - battleship , you get issued 4 stars and a 12 hour timer.
5 Star - Finally if you Gank a freighter, DST, Marauder you earn 5 stars and a 24 hour timer.

What happens when you have a star.

Each star gives you a reduced delay between concord sending out one of the new interceptor ships, at one star you can stay in a system for 5 minutes before the first concord ship will show up to try and kill you (again these would be new concord ships dealing player levels of damage) , if you kill the ship concord sends then you earn a star.

With 2 stars the ships sent increase and the hull size goes up to destroyers. and the amount of time you can linger in a system decreases.

At 3 stars you will see some the Intercepter, destroyer and a new Cruiser.

At 4 it will be some a Battle Cruiser add to the response fleet, and with some rng the potential for some extra ships.

At 5 you’ll see Battleships join the response fleet with more rng and a potential to see more ships, this rng will be impacted by how long your timer is, the longer the timer the higher the chance for extra ships.

While you have active Stars you will be unable to dock in any station or citadel in Highsec, if you get podded your clone will be ejected from its station if that station is in Highsec.

So as a Ganker, you’ll Gank some one, or be killed and podded and be sent back to your station, if that station is in Highsec youll spawn in space outside it after being ejected and youll need to run for the low sec border to wait out your timer, if your home station is in low sec then you can either wait out your timer, or reship and re enter highsec to try and gank again and possible to seek out a fight with the new concord they would have loot.

I’m not gonna comment how bad that idea is as it’s not even worth my time. But, you forgot to explain how to remove “starts”

Yes I did.

When did this game turn into grand theft auto?

Oof. This is a terrible idea.

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As CONCORD will be dealing ‘player amounts of damage’ scaled to the star in your suggestion, instead of the ‘you are dead in X seconds’ amount of damage CONCORD deals now, your suggestion will likely lead to gank fleets with enough logi to stay alive against CONCORD indefinitely while they farm any and all ships passing through busy gates.

I guess it could be a nice change of dynamics for a while, but I’m not so sure if that is what you envisioned and also am not so sure if this situation would be better for the game than what we have right now.

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I thot I was clear but I guess not, I’m talking about a new class of concord ship, Im not suggesting a change to all concord dps, just the new concord ships that get sent after people with stars.

Faction police already stalk capsuleers with a -2.0 or lower security status.

Why add, yet another flag system?

Gerard is talking about the fact your idea allows a player to kill Concord, so his premise about players not killing the ship(s) and just using LOGI, would allow players like…myself to circumvent your idea without player interaction and just kill everyone I wish to on the field.

Your idea sucks.

Oh, so these CONCORD ships would be in addition to the existing unstoppable unbeatable CONCORD?

What is the point of adding a GTA-style escalating police system if some of the police will just kill you after a set amount of seconds no matter what you do?

I would think your suggestion makes sense only if it replaces existing CONCORD.

why is marauders so OP? where is titan and other capital ships?

killing concord sounds creepy.

I would like to see a concord battlecruiser.


The idea would be that the more you bring, the more they bring, and the more of them you kill the more they send next time eventually as everything is in eve they would simply n+1 you, and while your now stuck in a full on fleet v fleet fight you wont be ganking anyone.

It would be highsec, so no caps.

As for the clone ejection, that would be to prevent you from just sitting in a station in highsec for the 3 hour timer to expire. the idea is that your forced into low sec.

it’s not meant to replace the concord punishment for killing some one in Highsec, but if it works out well enough I guess it could, it’s a system that works in many many other games, even a few space games have added it and it works there as well so other than the usual eve knee jerk reaction to something new.

Also, I called them concord but you could rename them something else, could just as easily be an Eden Com response fleet to what is essentially local pirate threats from players being pirates in highsec. the people who respond isnt that important its the system thats important.

Do you think gankers are afraid of low sec?

You would be right. I’m terrified of low sec. No CONCORD to keep me safe from all those mean and scary pvpers.

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