50B per Site? Stockpile items now

People now get 50B for the new sites. I believe this is going to:

  1. Reduce the content that people do in Eve to 1. Why would ppl run missions or go mining for 150m/hour, when they can get 50B by doing the new content.
  2. Produce massive inflation. More money in the system always means stuff gets more expensive overall.
  3. Players that cannot run the new content reliably will be put at a massive disadvantage. Because prices will rise, they cannot afford to buy new stuff or replace lost stuff, effectively removing them from the game.
    I have begun to stockpile all items I need on a daily basis or manufacture them myself.
    My thoughts on this, excuse my bad English, it is not my native language.
    Have a nice day

It is not 50b for everybody who is running the sites - it is 50B for the first Person or Group which will revaile EVERY Gate in the Game …

" As this is of utmost importance, the Society of Conscious Thought, led by Elder Mentor Matshi Raish, is offering the first pilot or group to unveil each gate an impressive reward of 50 billion ISK ! Those who are successful in deciphering the fragmented records, and discovering the location of a Jovian stargate, should evemail Matshi Raish directly with the name of the relevant star system in the title. The evemail should include an outline of the solution path and a shared location folder containing a bookmark for the discovered stargate"


best troll in weeks


People with jobs who actually work for a living are automatically disqualified due to, ya know, not having 20 hours a day to do this.

But hey, the unemployed can use 2 years of free PLEX I guess.

Since when is retirement considered unemployed?


if your self confidence depends on free ■■■■ even though you could afford it due to you are working and still be jealous on people who could not afford it. you know there is something wrong with your mental health. please seek help and consult someone.
wich you the best to get well soon.

  1. The search lasted for 3-4 days. No one expected more. All gates are discovered, everything is back to normal.
  2. 200B in total is like a drop in the ocean. There will be no inflation caused by adding 200B.
  3. Keep calm and continue your business as usual. Nothing will change, except for the addition of new gates. When they open, they will be available to everyone.

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