New Eden from the ashes

The way to save this game is to break it. Just a few thousand apha accounts preferably 10000 with a comm server should turn high sec in to ash. Nothing is mined, nothing is moved in high sec. All loot is sold to buy plexes and drive the price of plexes through the roof. This will effect the blue donut guys who plex many many accounts to spend their isk reserves, and spend more wasted time to get isk for thier gate keeping game style. This will result in higher prices for ships, higher prices for plex and shut down high sec by only using apha accounts. The game is going down the toilet, CCPs profits will soon follow because of the gate keepers of the game that took a nice large piss on the door step of EVE. And if you need to know what gate keeping is just watch Eve Online, Sandbox Vs Gate Keeping, This Is Not Sandbox Play! - YouTube Way to go you won eve.

can i bring my drake?


Is this another “high-sec miners need to go on strike” thread?


Ferengi Rules of Acquisition:

Rule #16: A deal is a deal, until a better one comes along.
Rule #38: Everyone needs something.
Rule #42: What’s mine is mine.
Rule #43: What’s yours can be mine.
Rule #39: Friendship is temporary; profit is forever.

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I love it. It’s well thought out, with articulate and measurable goals. The plan is super achievable, and provides a bold new direction for the future. Nice job random forum user.

Edit: And no, you can’t bring your Drake. This is a serious post! Please take it very seriously. At the minimum you need to bring 3 dictors, not 2.


but… but…

Who are these mysterious keepers of the gate?

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Black flag. Onnamon gate is kinnaka.

Ahh so they crying cause war decs?

Is this a Skylar Amarr post because it reeks of someone who doesnt play.

Can we use that ash to help extract Ore using some new high slot module called a Deep Core Dredger?

OK Ill be honest with you homes, and if you are saying that Null Sec Alliances are old boys clubs where its not what you know, its who you know then Ill agree.

But that doesnt mean actual CONTENT is being deprived to you, just terrible terrible “record breaking” TiDi battles and the isk generation necessary to take part in said pointless battles.

@Tenger_Ondor_Khaan You could’ve saved time and effort by reducing your OP to one sentence for stronger impact:
*Repent! For the Kingdome of the Lord is at hand!"

Not clear on who the gatekeepers are though, 'cause they deserve a fine for pissing on the doorstep so you need to identify them, mmkay?

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inb4 lock, I guess.

Ray, if someone asks you if you’re a God - you say YES.

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Guys can we stop arguing for a minute and get with the spirit of the thing here?

Hordes of swarming spaceships burning high sec to ash!

Fun for the whole family! What could possibly go wrong with that?

OP, just let me know when you’ve got 8 or 9 thousand ready to go and I’ll add a couple more.

It will be fun!


Who doesn’t answer “yes” to that? I mean, COME ON!

"Take me to your leader’
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea”

Capsuleer if someone asks if you’re a GM… hmm.