Let's say they remove non-consensual pvp from highsec

What’s going to happen in the short, medium and long run?

Short is being < six months, medium < 2 years.

Please share your predictions and, if possible, explain why your prediction is more likely to happen than other peoples’ predictions.

Notes: Wars can only be declared with the target consenting.



Short - nothing.
Medium - nothing.
Long - nothing.

Why is my prediction more likely to happen than other peoples’ predictions: I’m taller than they are.


1 month

  • Prices on Catalysts, Tornados and Talos plummet
  • CODE lodges formal complaint and climbs on the wall
  • Mass exodus from NPC corporations

3 months

  • Major trade hubs no longer cluttered with MTUs
  • Instead replaced with hundreds of depots making obscene gestures
  • Efforts made to talk CODE off the wall
  • Price of citadels skyrocket. Popular high-sec trade hubs “MoMoney” and “PimpMyYacht”
  • Jita local flooded with “Will pay ISK for duels!” ads

6 months

  • Auto-pilot becomes highest utilized feature in EVE
  • Freighter Bumper Lives Matter (FBLM) is formed
  • Efforts switched to push CODE off the wall
  • Calls for CCP to reimburse ‘useless’ skillbooks
  • High-sec space rebranded “Care-space”; Hello Kitty SKINs unveiled
  • For the first time in history, Burn Jita called off; becomes Burn Tama

1 year

  • Player exodus to low-sec begins in earnest (low-sec rejoices)
  • Mass high-sec enrolment in FW consisting of Ventures and Atrons (low-sec rages)
  • FW devolves to high-sec players and bots fighting over plex (low-sec player exodus to wormhole space begins)
  • CODE renamed the SECRET; now sell revelations to life-transforming experiences

2 years

  • SECRET (aka: CODE) rage-quits; no one notices
  • EVE Online shutdown due to popularity of EVE Mobile

Not just no ganking. You can only declare war with consent of the target.

Added it to the initial post. Thanks!

It’s not if. It’s when.

And people will leave. Or they won’t. As well as more people starting and staying. Or not.

short run: influx of players that want to avoid interaction and go run missions and level up their raven with crazy shiny fits. A bunch of hulks show up in belts.

mid run: most of those short term players quit because leveling up your raven is boring. Trade hub shenanigans as players run 100b+ freighters around risk free.

years out: ???

long run: heat death of the universe, eve actually dies.

obviously nothing changes in null because according to them highsec is irrelevant, something something build more titans.


The game would live on.

It just wouldn’t be EvE…

–Prophetess Gadget

confirmed Brisc is a giant, the logic is sound so must be true

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Other effects:
People will load up haulers and freighters to insane levels.
Every man and his dog will haul, leaving the professionals to have to concentrate on low/null routes.
Officer fit ships will become more common as long as the supply of modules hold up.
Hi sec income will be nerfed hard.

P.S, I realise points 3 and 4 are rather contradictory longterm.

What is being hauled, when everything can be built everywhere and nothing gets destroyed anyway?

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People still lose ships to NPCs

And fast…I mean did you see his last time on that long distance run?!


Are you sure that PvE, predictable content, leads to demand which surpasses local production? PvE is straight forward and easily minmaxable, especially when everyone does it.

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Good point. Under those conditions the only things being hauled would be from other sectors into high.
Would Jita be so important in this scenario?

When everyone can build …
… everything will get built …
… and eventually no one builds.

But hey, maybe ther are ways around this, like item degradation. vOv

To try and sell the loot from missions and ore from mining?

Sure. Trying.

I’d suggest that 90% of what is posted here won’t happen as portrayed,

And 90% of what will happen won’t even be realized until after the fact, if it ever becomes a fact.

Unintended, and unexpected, consequences can be good or bad, and by definition, rarely known, at least their magnitude, or lack of.

TLDR: Posting in another fear-mongering thread apposed to player-imangined impending change.

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It would totally be worth introducing this feature just to see CODE’s reaction… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It would be nice to see something about this for the next April Fool’s joke.

Thought I’d expect the concern about player-over-reaction would probably prevent it.

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