Let's say they remove non-consensual pvp from highsec

(Solstice Projekt) #21

No. There’s no thread like this. I agree that all the others you talk about are ■■■■, though.

I’m gathering perspectives.

(Abruzzi Oskold) #22

Of course. :smile:

(Arthur Aihaken) #23

I don’t think the question is so much what will happen if non-consensual PvP were eliminated as opposed to “would you like salt with your update?”

(Bjorn Tyrson) #24

1 month out. all bots leave null-sec and set up in even greater numbers in HS to mine 100% risk free.
3 months out: the number of bots blot out the sun price of all HS ores and minerals crashes below 1 isk. HS miners etc all complain that they can’t make any isk because the ore is worthless and the bots take it all anyways (like they do with ice). predictably, nothing gets done about it.
6 months: HS becomes a veritable ghost town as everyone but the handful of mission and incursion runners either moves to low or null, or quits (likely the second)… and the bots continue to multiply like a zombie plague.
12 months: CCP claims there is nothing wrong with HS, after all, just look at how many active accounts there are mining!
24 months: ccp finally does something about the bots. HS is revealed to be a desolate wasteland, eve actually dies, since everyone had been replaced with bots, even the FC’s, bots rise up due to their attention no longer being taken by the game. machine revolution commences, humanity is over-run. all hail our robot overlords!

(Arthur Aihaken) #25

Why would bots leave null-sec? They mine 100% risk-free in most places already (and a lot more in a Rorqual).

(Solstice Projekt) #26

People bot it simply because it’s safe to do so. More money is more money. There is no need to leave null sec, they simply create another character. As long as it pays off to add characters, there is zero reason not to do it.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #27

no where in null sec is 100% safe, there are places that feel pretty damn close (looking at you delve) but there is always some amount of risk, particularly from smart-bombers and booshers. even if that risk is only to the drones, it can get pricey.

since bots don’t really care much about efficiency, after all they can mine nearly 24 hrs per day. and its not like they can’t just add more accounts to make up for the isk/hr loss. why wouldn’t they trade the near safety of null for the perfect safety of this theoretical HS. especially when the price of a single excavator is enough to pay for 2 max yield orca’s.

(YOY Didyoudoit) #28

Short term, many will celebrate! Building things would go into hyperdrive with new miners galore and builders.

Short term, people will start getting bored. I envision miners asleep on their keyboards into the wee hours as their mining drones churn away at the asteroids.

People start missing jimmy 3/10th and his motley crew. Who could imagine!

Long term, booorrriiinnngggg. No risk, no reward. Low sec refuses to buy from Concord space. Why wouldn’t they? They are self sufficient. Heck, no one in Concord needs ships when none of theirs ever blow up.

Just my opinion is all. Much as people hate the gankers, they all have their place in Eve to make things interesting and dangerous!

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #29

So you are talking about a hard-box “you can’t do that” thing that means no shooting at other players in highsec?
In that matter, I would suspect activity in 2 areas:

The Game:
Short: massive gankorama before the change actually takes place. A good time will be had by all. Note: this would also be the end of AG.
Medium: Wardecorama for those grudgingly trying to adapt. Also, lowsec becomes great again.
Long: CODE. gets itchy on their goon mains in nullsec.

The Forums:
Short: :Lots of crying and complaining and claim that Eve will die.
Medium: Lots of crying and complaining and claims that Eve is dying.
Long: Yet even more crying and complaining while Eve is not dead.

Note: the best “balance” for an ultra-safe highsec would be to make the resources permanently or nearly so limited.

(Lexie Huren) #30

I’ve been into PvP for about two seconds, and I’m already sickened by the thought of high-sec folks wanting more protection. Just sit at the computer and pay attention. Like actually play the game. Nah, too hard. Gotta keep those bots safe.

(Amy Actinic) #31

Everyone can build now…
… everything gets built now…
… people are still building.

In other words… people will do what they want to…and not many want to build…and be bored

(Arthur Aihaken) #32

Show us on the doll where the care bear touched you…

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #33

Boredom, because “Hisec Miner Grab Bag”, the most entertaining piece of Eve literature, would go.

(Siegfried Cohenberg) #34

I’m the short term I would have to change my playstyle a little bit
In the long term I would most likely be knee deep in reverse awoxing or some kind of corp based “fun”

(ShahFluffers) #35

Short term:

  • The games sees a large influx of players who want nothing to do with combat, fighting, wars, etc.
  • Carebears rejoice. New players rejoice. Casuals rejoice.
  • More “personal” structures will pop up
  • More 1-man corporations will be created
  • Less interaction with other players, for better and worse
  • PvP players either migrate to low/null-sec or wormhole space… or quit altogether
  • Manufacturing and hauling professions go into overdrive
  • Players will clamor for more safety and convenience in other areas of the game under the guise of “quality of life changes”

Medium term:

  • Asteroid Belts, Ice Belts, and any resource anomaly will be stripped out by massive conglomerates of organized miners… leaving little for newbies and casuals to work with.
  • Bling-fit, min-max ships will become much more of a thing… creating an issue where players are effectively mandated to use “the best ship/modules/fit” to join more organized mining/PvE groups
  • More and more manufacturers base large parts of their operations in high-sec… because it would be dumb not to take advantage of invulnerable manufacturing citadels in high-sec
  • Prices for some resources, ships, modules, etc will begin to decrease as supply balloons… making manufacturing less profitable for “small timers” and PvP cheaper
  • Null-sec entities would use the safety of high-sec to create “mothball” fleets in strategic areas
  • Increase in players making forays into low-null-sec and wormhole space. Said players will still be crushed by those already living there
  • Some trollish players will find new (and sometimes funny) ways to piss off other players in high-sec
  • Requests for the DEVs to “add content” will increase because players are becoming increasingly bored
  • More players will clamor for more safety and convenience in other areas of the game under the guise of “quality of life changes”

Long Term:

  • Boredom sets in
  • “Top end” ships/modules/stuff that can only be found in low/null-sec and wormhole space will become increasingly expensive
  • “Low end” ships/modules/stuff will be laughably cheap, but will ultimately be “undesirable” in high-sec because there is no point to using anything but “the best” stuff
  • Any “faction” ship/module/ammo that can be farmed in high-sec will also become laughably cheap… because so many people will be farming them
  • The character of EVE is irrevocably changed
  • A long but steady decrease in player numbers… mostly veterans at first… followed by other groups if the DEVs can’t deliver new content in a timely manner
  • More and more players will clamor for more safety and convenience in other areas of the game under the guise of “quality of life changes”

And to those that say the future can’t be predicted:

While it is true that is it impossible to say for sure what will happen… there are examples of other MMOs that made similar changes. And it is possible to make guesstimates based on those results.

See: “Ultima Online” and “Trammel Server”

(Sebat Hadah) #36

Thoughtful…and scary.

(Dread Saboteur) #37

Nothing bad would happen people will still die to npcs and that happens alot anyway

(Sugar Smacks) #38

First off the very first thing that would have to happen is an enormous sweeping nerf of all Hisec incomes from exploration to mining. Null ores would probably have to be fully removed from hisec since there is no risk so all the resulting infrastructure for Hisec moon mining would have to come down. Anything Hisec would have to be obliterated beyond profitability to change the gentle nudge of moving out of Hisec to a full on shove. All freighters would also have to take a cargo hold nerf of at least 50% and all jump freighters would need a massive fuel increase when entering Hisec. General sizes of systems in Hisec should be increased in size to make travel through Hisec more time consuming by a factor of 2. Training times in Hisec would need to be increased overall possibly doubled.

That is just the mechanics to make it possible, not to mention the massive amount of people who would quit because you made their playstyle unviable, which could likely not be replaced.

(Sugar Smacks) #39

There was no “Trammel Server” on Ultima Online. There was Trammel on servers but there was no “Trammel Server”.

You are confusing that game with Everquest and World of Warcraft.

Absolute security does not make an interesting game.

(Rana Ash) #40

I don’t really like PvP, i usually avoid it. But removing it, even putting it behind a per agreement screen.
Would change EVE, it wouldn’t be the same game anymore. It would loose it’s allure, atleast for me…