53.4M SP Revelation/Apostle/Archon Account JDC5 - Siege5 - Triage 5


  • 1 Remap

  • Located in Jita

  • Nice character for the War

  • Starting bidding at 30bil.

  • Its in an NPC corp, skillboard hasn’t updated yet.

31B ISK ready now


35 bil

All bids noted, auction will close tomorrow (Tuesday night) at 00:00 EVE time. The highest bid at that time will be chosen.

35.5B ISK ready


35.7B ISK

37 bil

38B isk

Daily bump, reminder that all bids must be posted here by 00:00 to be considered.

39 bil

40b offer

If there are no further offers, Joni wins the auction. Please send information and isk.

All yours man have fun with it


isk and account info sent.

You have chosen to transfer the character Black BirB to the account named ********.

Transfer in progress, have fun with the character!

thanks man!

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