WTS REV Pilot 24.4 Mil SP

Currently Training towards Archon - not far off Apostle after that


Imperial Jubilee Revelation Skin

T2 Siege
T2 Guns
Amarr Dread 4

Skill Points 24,448,942
Location: Low-sec
Positive Wallet
No Jump-clones
Remaps: 1
+4 Standard Implant set
Sec Status: - 0.2
Kill Rights: 2 possessed
No Kill-rights against
Character is in NPC corp

Starting bid: 20 billion
B\O : 35 billion

All EVE and CCP policies for this transaction to be followed 100%.

where were you 3 days ago!? :stuck_out_tongue:

15b ready

18 bil

20 bil

20,5 bil

21b bo

21.5 bill

22 bil

22.5 bill


26 bil


27.5 bil


28.5 b

29 Bil

Daily Bump,

And received in-game offer for 28Bil from Keje Koskanaiken I believe it was valid for one day only , posting for transparency

"From: Keje Koskanaiken
Sent: 2019.01.30 04:09
To: Black BirB,

Would you be willing to sell for 28 bill tonight?"

29,5 :grinning:

30 Bil :scream: